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Is Your Website Helping Your Social Media Marketing?

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 24 Mar 2014 by Eleanor
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7K0A0478Social Media Marketing is a key essential part of marketing nowadays, there’s no question about that. However, integrating your website and social media is also an important success factor.

Social Media is a great way to attract more visitors and a targeted audience to your site, but you’ll only convert those visits into customers or leads if your website is also in great shape.

This integration will make it easier for followers to become customers, to trust your brand and spread the word about you on social media.

So if you think it’s time to spring clean your website to help your social media efforts, follow these 5 essential steps:

  • Optimise your site for search engines

Your social media content should be based on the right keywords of your business in every single update you post. Your site should contain the right keywords for your business/products, these keywords should be on all the right pages of your site and not just on your homepage.

This not only helps to tell Google what your website is all about, but it will also helps you to easily add links and keywords to your social media updates that go directly to the right pages of your website, helping conversion.

  • Have great information and share buttons

Your website is the online home of your business. So in order for your visitors to stay and come back, you’ll need to have great information there.

This should not just be information about your products and services, but also information about your company, your customers, tips, ideas, competitions, images, videos, tutorials, promotions, etc, anything that can appeal to your audience, giving them valuable reasons to stay and help you reach your goals.

Make sure that you have social media share buttons on all your relevant content (blog articles, products, competitions, images, etc) so you make it easier for your visitors to share your info on their social media profiles, helping you to reach a wider audience and new potential customers.

  • Check if you have broken links

You’ve spent the last half an hour thinking about a great headline to go on Twitter about your most recent blog post, but for some reason, the link to post your blog isn’t working. Or, you started a great competition on Facebook with a dedicated landing page on your website, but the link isn’t working to it.

This is a huge put-off on social media that can actually backfire since it can make you easily lose trust or credibility making people stop following you.

Carefully check that all your site links are working before you post them on your social media profiles, don’t just assume they’re working.

  • Add “follow us” buttons

Search engines do look to a website’s presence on social networks as an indicator of its authority, relevancy and reputation. If your website doesn’t have any connection to social networks, you are missing out on what is rapidly becoming the most important aspect of getting your website found in searches.

This not only means having share buttons like mentioned on step 2, but also having “follow us” buttons where people can easily click and start following you.

Make sure these buttons are up and visible on your homepage and not buried in the footer. People won’t lose their time scrolling up and down looking for your Facebook button.

  • Have a modern layout with an easy navigation

It doesn’t make much sense to create an amazing fresh image on social media just to have your website layout looking like it came from the nineties (and that doesn’t show many consistency too).

Make sure your layout is clean, modern and reflects your brand. It can be a question of changing your logo to a more modern version or changing the site’s colours, but it might mean a total restructure if needed.

Also, make sure your site’s navigation is easy to navigate through too. When people are online, they have a short-attention span, especially when they left Twitter to follow the link you posted there- just to land in a page where they have to find the video they were interested amongst hundreds of other videos.

Is your website helping your social media efforts? Let us know in the comment section below.

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