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Is Your Website Operating Like Your Best Sales Person?

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 04 Aug 2014 by Carla

If you’ve got your company website running smoothly, looking great and getting good levels of traffic that you are happy with, but still the online sales are just not coming in, then you need to look at conversion optimisation.

Converting traffic into sales is just as important as driving the traffic to your site in the first place. Look carefully at your website or get a colleague or friend to view as a potential buyer to see if there is anything that stands out. You can also analyse deeper with Google Analytics to see if this shows up where you may be going wrong.

Our 7 tips to make sure your website operates like your best sales person is a good place to start checking.

1. Basket / Check Out Buttons Although this may sound obvious, look where your Basket and Check Out buttons are placed on your website. This should be in your main navigation on every page so no matter where customers are within the site they can always browse their basket and check out. It is vital to ensure they are clear and easily accessible.

2. Call for Actions Any sales person worth their salt will tell you it is good to ‘ask’ for the sale at the end of sales pitch. You can do the same on your website by using phrases on your product pages such as Buy Now, Add to Basket, Buy It – see what conversion optimisation works best for you when it comes to clicking that ‘buy’ button.

3. Wish Lists If you don’t offer a Wish List this could mean you are missing a trick. The customer may love your product but is not ready to buy just yet. By allowing them to add to a Wish List you can follow this up with an email at a later date to remind them about their item and prompt them to return to your site and purchase.

4. Remarketing In the world of website adverting we call it remarketing, you might recognise the term ‘follow up’ better! If your sales person wants to chase a customer enquiry they make a follow up call or email, with the website you can do the same with remarketing. It can remind customers of their initial interest and pull them back to your website to buy.

5. High Bounce Rates If you’ve got high bounce rates this means that your visitors are leaving almost immediately, so look carefully at pages with the highest bounce rates in Google Analytics. Try and do this from a customers buying perspective not how pretty the page looks and see what is missing.

6. Customers Not Checking Out Customers who have added products to their basket but not checked out is a huge opportunity when is comes to conversion optimisation. They have spent time and effort choosing products then not gone ahead with their purchases. Look at your check out process to see if there are any bugs or obstacles that are in the way, checking out should be simple and quick. You can also follow up on unchecked shopping baskets by sending the customer an email reminding them of their purchases and even asking if they had a problem.

7. Test and Test Again The beauty of websites is that they are live and interactive and by making changes you can see almost immediately the difference made. Therefore testing is of utmost importance to see what works for you, but make sure you compare like for like for example if you test a change over the weekend compare with the following weekend not during the week.

See if any of these conversion optimisation hints and tips can make a difference to your bottom line.

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