Latest LinkedIn Company Page Updates And How To Make The Most Of Them

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LinkedIn update their Company Pages

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional business network boasting over 175 million users over 200 countries. If used correctly and strategically it can be used as a great net to help you generate more business than just your website and just recently they have made some essential updates to the LinkedIn Company Pages that are worth taking a closer look at.

LinkedIn is about building relationships and forming business networks with other people. However, the recent changes to the LinkedIn Company Pages, which having originally been launched in November 2010 to allow businesses to be more social, have just undergone a review to become more user and social friendly.

LinkedIn Company Page updates

  • Company status updates – until the beginning of June this year you were able to share your latest news or blog posts using an RSS feed.  This was very automated and didn’t allow you to share bespoke updates or engage as a business with users.  Companies now have an update status area the same as a persons profile.  This allows businesses as well as people to now be more interactive by providing updates to all but even more impressively targeting updates to your targeted audience.
  • LinkedIn Company Page stats – probably one of LinkedIn’s weakest areas until the second quarter of this year has been stats.  Yes we can see who has seen our profile (if we wish) but we did not have stats on our company profiles or any other areas of LinkedIn.  You now have a raft of useful stats you can review to see how your LinkedIn Company Page is performing.   To list just a handful you are able to see; the number of page views, what industry people who were looking at your page are from, the function, region plus you can even see detail in to your careers and products and service pages.

Using LinkedIn Company Pages for business is about having a good social media strategy in place and knowing how to use LinkedIn to generate business.  LinkedIn is slowly making leaps and bounds in creating more shareable and targeted content and the changes they are and continue to make are certainly welcomed by us.

What do you think of the latest LinkedIn Company Page updates? Please share your comments below.

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