3 Tips For Targeting Followers For Your Company Page

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shutterstock_808219721. Research your Linkedin market

Before you dive in, observe what’s happening amongst your potential customers, current competitors and those in the know about the future of your industry.

Groups are a great place to do this. Look through LinkedIn’s directory for the most active groups whose members fit your customer profile or could help you with other objectives you have. Post, reply, introduce yourself and check out the group analytics to see what makes the readers tick. It could teach you lots about what you could be posting across your other social media platforms to attract this audience. Check out what your competitors are doing with the functionality LinkedIn has to offer. You’ll be surprised what can be achieved. This will give you a benchmark for the kinds of interaction your target market are used to seeing from businesses like yours.

So there’s plenty you can do for free here, try these first. Paid promotion is available for recommendations and they’re worth researching but good quality interaction can often yield a greater return on investment of your time.

2. Polished posts at the right times

In general it’s a good idea to post first thing in the morning on LinkedIn. One way to check is to see when the activity in your industry related groups picks up – you can see this in the group stats. Once you have a good idea of timings, you can develop topical content centered around the themes you’ve identified in your research.

There are lots of ways to generate content. Whether you comment, ask a question, share a deal you’re offering or run a contest – be sure to add a relevant picture, video or link. Fully rounded posts like this attract bigger readerships and engagement.

Once you’ve posted on your company page, repost it on your newsfeed. Involve your staff and connections who can reshare, like and comment on your posts to give them a great shelf life and visibility in target news feeds.

3. Promote your LinkedIn presence across your existing marketing solutions

If you haven’t already done so, make sure there is at least a working LinkedIn icon on your website. Consider adding the link to your twitter account or traditional marketing materials such as your business card, email signature or brochures.

When you have a face-to-face event or meeting, discuss your LinkedIn initiatives, discuss tips with others and encourage your contacts to connect with you to collaborate on content based promotional projects. Imagine how shared content with your suppliers or advocates could boost your company’s profile!

Use LinkedIn’s in-built Twitter functionality to share your posts to your Twitter followers.


As with many social platforms, getting targeted followers to your company page on LinkedIn is all about the strength of your content and your ability to build thriving working relationships through savvy networking. If you’d like more support with producing content or getting the most from your social media accounts, give us a call. You can also find plenty of tips in our Socialb blog.

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