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Over the last few months LinkedIn has had some major updates regarding their company pages.

After launching Showcase Pages, where each company can have up to 10 pages focusing on specific products or services, LinkedIn is now allowing companies to like and comment as a page rather than as an individual, very similar to Facebook.

This is very good news, since company pages on LinkedIn are key to a brand’s overall profile but were lacking the interaction afforded by other networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

What does this mean in terms of social media marketing?

Interacting and engaging

It may seem a small and simple addition, but for a company to be able to like and comment as a company brings a lot of social media marketing potential.

Now companies can go a step further regarding having more control over their brand and interacting and engaging with their audience on LinkedIn. They can now do this by not only providing their own updates, but liking and commenting on other’s updates too, which makes everything more socially engaging for a brand!

Brand awareness

Being able to like and comment as a company page will also highly increase company exposure, consequently creating more brand awareness and helping to reach a wider audience.

However as with other networks such as Facebook and Twitter, companies need to carefully choose what content they like and also maintain their relevance to their audience. They must continue to add value when they comment, after all this is all part of building a trustworthy and reliable online reputation.

Since this update is fairly new, it’s not clear at the moment if page admins will still be able to like and comment posts on their company page from their own personal account. Comments and ‘likes’ are displayed from the company account automatically – there’s no option to use their own name. On Facebook for example a user can easily switch between a personal and a brand account. But we’ll sure be keeping an eye on that!

Do you have any question or comments related to this new LinkedIn update? Let us know in the comment section below.

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