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LinkedIn has launched two new features that will enable you to make more of your social media marketing analytics.

Thanks to the innovative team at LinkedIn, they are now making it easier for you to place yourself among your competitors by developing ‘Content Marketing Score’ and ‘Trending Content’ features.

Content Marketing Score

The Content Marketing Score feature ranks you amongst businesses and professionals of a similar caliber and audience; the feature looks at audience engagement with your updates, pages, groups and posts. The score will enable you to have an even more in-depth view of how your content needs to be targeted to your audience and what they are & are not responding to.

The ability to see how your content and LinkedIn activity compares to your competitors, without having to manually search and document, will bring further ease to understanding your professional market and target audience.

You can request your score here via LinkedIn and also see what information you can get from it via this infographic.

Trending Content

Have you ever found it difficult to keep up to date on the latest updates and trends within your industry? It’s all well and good having email alerts and RSS alerts set up to bring you the latest news, but LinkedIn has now designed it’s Trending Content feature to enable you to monitor conversations and trends within different industry segments. Be it healthcare, technology or the motoring industry – Trending Content will enable you to see the most popular and the most shared articles from the industries from all over the internet, not just your personal channels.

Both tools will prove extremely insightful and have the potential to be crucially valuable to your marketing strategies and content production. If you would like to receive expert training on LinkedIn, please find our courses listed here. Alternatively, you could attend one of our webinars for a two-hour interactive training session from the comfort of your own office.

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