LinkedIn Planned Changes – What’s Next For Their Users? 

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Last week, Linkedin made some announcements internally on where they are heading over the next couple of months. It was probably the first major announcements since LinkedIn were acquired by Microsoft in June 2016.

LinkedIn have released a number of headline comments via their blog and also shared the presentation that was shared internally with LinkedIn colleagues. While there’s not a lot of details at present; what can users expect to see heading to their profiles over the next few months?

Makeover For Web Interface linkedin-redesign-2016

Taking a lead from its mobile app, there’s a new desktop design set to appear on our screens. LinkedIn’s last revamp in this area saw users polarised into the “love” and “hate” camps. For me, I found the update easier to use than its predecessor, but many were very anti-LinkedIn’s revised interface.

Rest assured, from the screenshots shared by LinkedIn, functionality doesn’t seem to have changed much on the home feed. However, the “Keep in Touch” block seems to be omitted on the screen shots. This feature is something I find really useful to know the job changes and career anniversaries of my connections, as I actively use these updates to keep in touch with people.  Useful yes, but not enough to download the separate LinkedIn Connected app when it was around. I’m therefore thankful that these updates are now integrated into the main app, but would like to see them retained on the web versions also.

It will be interesting to see how the new design affects profile, company and showcase pages. We recently had an update to groups, so probably no changes there.

The Return Of The Hashtag?

There’s also lots of intriguing phrases used in the presentation, but probably for me is spying “Hashtags” on a features slide:


LinkedIn are also using a banner with a hashtag on its Slide Share page which seems to suggest we can expect hashtags to be working in our posts in the near future:
linkedin-redesign-slideshare-2016Hashtags used to be used widely on LinkedIn, but sadly when they appear at present in your timeline you know that the user is either cross-posting or copy and pasting from Twitter or Instagram.

In 2013 Linked killed off its Signal feature and hashtag functionality disappeared with it. Signal was a way where users could search across every public post to see what people were discussing. It was a great tool for market research and simply working out who’s worth connecting to. LinkedIn canned Signal due to lack of use, but even on the current platform it’s heritage can still be seen in the option to post and then “Share with: public” or “Share with: Just your connections”.

The potential re-introduction of hashtags could once again provide a great way of accessing posted and published content where there currently isn’t connection with the user who’s created the content. Who know, maybe Signal might reappear as well?

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