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LinkedIn Rolls Out New Simplified Homepage

Many businesses that invest in social media marketing have LinkedIn as part of their strategy, through having a company page and being involved in specific discussion groups.

This professional social network is a ‘must-have’ for companies that wish to improve their brand awareness and connect with potential leads and customers.

LinkedIn screenshot

In order to increase their numbers and become more appealing for businesses, LinkedIn is rolling out a redesign of its homepage that encourages more visits and interaction.

Now, you have Analytics on your LinkedIn profile, as well as a Pulse news feed, jobs and suggestions for interacting with contacts and a display ad.

How does it work?

Basically, LinkedIn is incorporating intelligence into its service, so it understands what your likes are and the type of information which you would like to use, and it is putting it there for you.

It seems, though, that LinkedIn is testing its own service, so what you see there today might not be what you’ll see tomorrow.

A good experience

With this new rollout, LinkedIn is trying hard to make sure their users have a good experience of the social network, making them stay longer and use it more actively, by providing them with more context-aware functionality.

The profile analytics at the top also includes a link for users to update their profile, as well as allowing them to drill deeper into getting more data.

Meanwhile, the updates for ‘Contacts’, in the upper right corner, is now combined with the way in which LinkedIn will suggest new users to you, offering them in an animated carousel. With both the connection suggestions and updates on users, you can make connections to people right from within your homepage.

‘The Pulse’ news contains content from your network of contacts and influencers you follow, but also from other external relevant websites.

This redesign looks far simpler than the previous one.

Are you using LinkedIn as part of your social media strategy? Let us know about your experience, in the comment section below.


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