Twitter Is All About Communicating With The Right People

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In the social media marketing world Twitter is one of the best, well-known networks and there are many businesses from small companies to large corporations using it as a marketing communications tool.


However, a successful marketing strategy on Twitter has a lot to do with finding and communicating with the right people; your followers that become interested in your content and your brand, can become customers or even your brand advocates helping you to reach a wider audience. You need to interact, respond, and engage with those people.


Here are 5 top tips for you to communicate with the right people on Twitter:

Respond to conversations around #hashtags

One of the easiest ways to find conversations around your brand, product/service or industry is by doing searches using specific hashtags. You can then identify relevant/interesting conversations and people and simply respond to their tweets and interact with them. If your replies are relevant and provide some kind of value, they’ll notice you and it can be the start of a relationship.

Create good content

This is key to any social media strategy and creating good content boosts your credibility with your audience/influencers that can start a conversation with you, re-tweet your content and start following you. It is not easy with only 140 characters to use, but make sure you provide value in your tweets, by solving a problem; linking to a great blog post, posting an interesting image, asking questions, etc.

Re-tweet other’s content

Re-tweeting content is what Twitter is all about. It’s very flattering and it can be a great way to grab the attention of people in order to start communicating with them.

Start following people

You can also use the search tool on Twitter and other external Twitter tools in order to find people to follow. They can be industry influencers, potential customers, journalists, potential marketing partners, etc. By following them you can create brand awareness and if you provide real value in your Twitter content, you have a real possibility for them to follow you back and start communicating with you.

Join Twitter chats

There are many chats taking place on Twitter surrounding a particular subject and/or niche usually using a specific hashtag. Do your research in order to know which ones you should participate in, since they’re a great way to find influencing people in the industry. By engaging in the conversations taking place and by being relevant and interesting (always providing value), you can start communicating with those people, getting yourself noticed, gaining new followers and possibly even new customers and business partnerships.

Are you using Twitter to communicate with the right people? Let us know in the comments section below.

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