My Summer Internship With SocialB

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Summer break is a great hiatus from all the academic pressure and demands of being a student.

For some, it’s a great opportunity to rest, relax and travel somewhere, for others, it’s the perfect time to learn and earn. I chose to have both with my internship at SocialB and spending my 13 weeks with the team based in Norwich is one of the best decisions I made over the summer.

Summer internship may seem daunting for others especially for those without any prior work experience. In my case, I was more excited to start working with SocialB, as I got to travel to Norwich (a place I haven’t been to), meet diverse people, learn new things, and experience a different culture.

Capping off the last week of my internship, makes me reflect on things I have learned from this experience. It’s a privilege to be part of the SocialB team, a professional workplace with a good mix of fun at work. I had the chance to work with the best people who get things done whilst enjoying their work and being in the company of their colleagues.

Headed by Lynsey, the hard working CEO of SocialB, the team is divided between the digital team and the training team, I was part of the latter. Together with Lottie, Alex, George and Charlotte, I learned the ropes around the training side of the company, getting along with them and adjusting with the workplace wasn’t difficult, the team guided me throughout and there would always be someone willing to help.

With the training team, I learned the secrets of sales, preparing things for pre and post training dates, updating SocialB’s website via WordPress and updating client’s information via Salesforce. I also learned my way around new platforms such as Teamwork and Egnyte and being involved in preparing course content for all training courses, ensuring they were visually appealing and grammatically correct.

Huge thanks as well to the Digital Team for sharing their expertise with me. I learned new things about email marketing via MailChimp, Social Media Marketing via Linkedin and was introduced to the dynamic world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, and Google analytics.

I also had a chance to join them in one of their client’s meeting where I had my first hands-on experience of how negotiation and communication take place.

The internship also made me realise that no task is too small or too big; too mundane or too complex and that every job is a great contribution to the whole team. I get to do simple ad-hoc things like printing out certification for training delegates, posting packages and getting some office supplies as well as challenging tasks such as analysing the team’s sales from the previous years and making sure that the company website’s training calendar is up to date.

SocialB is more than a workplace but rather a home for people who continue to learn, who find fulfilment with what they do and who treat their colleagues as friends and an extended family. Becoming part of the team even for a short while was a great investment of my time and effort. It was, indeed, time well spent.

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