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Work experience, it’s something that almost everyone must take part in. The thought of leaving school and joining the ‘real world’ of work and interaction with older people who I wasn’t familiar with was terrifying! I could never imagine myself in a workplace, without teachers or parents around to guide me in every step I took. So, you can imagine that as I walked up to the door of my placement I was drowning in fear.

That was until I was greeted with a huge smile from one of my colleagues for the week, Lottie Smith. Almost as soon as we had met, I felt so much more at ease. To start my experience, I received a tour of the building, and met the team, everyone that I met was so welcoming, and instantly I felt a lot less nervous about my week.

While spending time with this business, I have learnt a lot about Salesforce. This is a platform which SocialB uses to log all the information for their clients.

Most days I completed some admin, like changing and updating the information boards, shredding confidential papers, and filing forms. This I enjoyed lots because it was hands-on and it was something I could physically see I had completed which is very satisfying to me. My favourite admin task that I completed was changing the boards, this is because I know that it’s extremely useful and helpful for the office as they use them every day.

Most days I sat in the smaller office room with Lottie, Alex, Charlotte and Joy. While sitting with them I enjoyed the small chats we had whilst completing work. For me, this made it easier to concentrate because it broke the day up and allowed me to feel comfortable and get to know the people on the team.

One afternoon, Beth sat with me and talked me through the process of uploading blogs for client websites, we went through ‘alt tags’ and uploading images. I enjoyed this because it was interesting to see how much thought goes into choosing the images by reading through the key points in the blog. I also enjoyed adding the ‘alt tags’ to the images uploaded.

To begin one Friday, Jaison came to talk me through the analytics of customers websites, and how they can be used to improve the quality of the advertising method they are using. This also helps because if there is a decline in the sales of products or services SocialB can monitor the changes and alter the way in which they are helping to promote the company.

Another thing that they monitor is the analytics of people viewing websites or social media posts and which links they click on. This is useful because it means that they can alter the other social media pages they manage to grab the attention of the customers.

While sitting with different people and shadowing the different jobs they do, I really enjoyed discovering the behind the scenes aspect the public don’t see. I never anticipated the level of thought that goes into planning websites or social media advertisement.

To help me tie all the ‘steps’ together Jaison explained the process as, all the steps are chapters, and in the end, they come together to form the book – (which would be the website). I really liked this idea because it shows how the process comes together and delivers the completed project.

I came to my work experience hoping to learn and try many new things and skills as I could, which I feel that I have achieved.

This week has been very important to me because it was a chance for me to overcome my fear of the real world, I feel that the office in which I chose to come to has played a huge part in this because everyone that I have interacted with was friendly and easy to get along with. At school, I struggle with the working environment, whereas during my week with SocialB I haven’t had this worry!

This is because while doing work, the atmosphere is relaxed and stress-free. My favourite part of the week was sitting with other people and helping with the behind the scenes work. I would like to thank SocialB for offering me the chance to come to their office and work closely with their team for a week, I have thoroughly enjoyed every day of it.

I feel like working with this business is helping me to decide my next step once I’ve finished school, as I have discovered how interested I am in media marketing now, and perhaps it’ll be something that I pursue in the future.

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