New 2017 Social Media Training Courses (1)

New 2017 Social Media Training Courses

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We are introducing a range of new Social Media Training Courses for 2017!

Brand new for 2017, we have developed new social media courses to help you take your social media knowledge to the next level. These half-day courses focus on social media specifics covering the topics that our customers have been asking for in the past 6 months.

Social Media Campaign Planning

This is a hands-on workshop which will help you map out your next social media campaign. All you need is an idea for your next campaign and we will run through the process from start to finish. How to set realistic objectives for your campaign and where to allocate your budget are all really important aspects of this course. This session will help you put the social media theories into practice for an idea you have for your business. By mapping out the process with you, your business will be able to run successful campaigns going forward.

Social Selling

Many of our delegates need more guidance on advertising via social media. The pressure is on when using paid advertising as you are spending company funds as well as your own time. Being able to effectively use your budget is key for social media advertising. We also uncover the best free social media advertising tools to try out when your budget is tight. There are tools available to listen in to what your audience are talking about and help you gain insight. We also cover how to identify key influencers for your brand and how you could use them to help you.

Customer Service On Social Media

As customers get more vocal on social media it is essential that you know how to handle it. Whether you are getting good reviews on TripAdvisor or complaints via Twitter, it is key that you know what and when to reply, when to delete and when to block. Brand tone of voice is a big part of this course as you want your company to be properly represented on social media. We will show what to do as well as what not to do and also stress the importance of social media policy so your business is fully covered.

Here at SocialB, we specialise in providing Social Media and Digital Training to individuals as well as groups of varying levels of ability. What makes us different is that we speak in plain English. Plus we listen to what our customers want.

Our 2-day Masterclass for Social Media is normally run for a small group of delegates so we can be flexible when spending extra time on the topics our delegates find most interesting. For example, if you picture your business more on Instagram than LinkedIn, we will try our best to prioritise the topics for you – with the other delegates permission!  The above courses have been developed as these are the topics that most delegates want to spend extra time on.


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