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New AdWords Features You Need To Know About

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 20 Jul 2017 by Shima Khanea
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There are 7 features you’re only able to find in the new AdWords interface and some advertisers who are already getting used to working with the new UI have found some bonus capabilities. Even though the new user interface doesn’t quite feature parity with the current Google AdWords at the moment, it does offer exclusive features which can be a bit tricky to find unless you have a proper look around. We’ve done our research and added them all in a blog post for you, so let’s take a look at them!

What’s Currently Available?

1. Household Income Targeting In Search

Household income reporting and targeting is now available for search campaigns, this can be done from the Demographics tab in the new AdWords interface. In the old interface, income targeting could only be done through location targeting. Charts can be found in AdWords which will make things easier to get a quick overview of how your campaigns have been performing along the household income segments. You are able to do bid adjustments at campaign or ad group level.

2. Promotion Extensions

Unless you have beta access in the old interface, the only way you will be able to access and use the new promotion extension is through the new user interface. The promotion extension lets you show and link to specific offers in your ad text. This tag icon will help your message stand out on the page.


3. Audiences Page

If you saw Google AdWord’s live stream on the 23rd May you will be aware of the following, the new audience page will be offering a single place to manage audience targeting and optimisation. New terminology will also be used for audience targeting:

  • “Target and bid” is now “Targeting”
  • “Targeting” is now called “Observations”


What’s Coming Next?

Not every feature has been made available yet but they will be made available and more will be rolling in the next few months. These include:

4. Store Sales Measurement Uploads

Any retailers that are capturing or plan to capture loyalty program emails at the point of sale will be able to import store transactions directly into AdWords or through a third party.

5. Landing Page Performance

Anyone advertising on AdWords will be able to get insights on various landing pages in one place. The updated landing page screen will be similar to the ads and keyword pages and the aim of this is to help advertisers using this to further optimise the experience for their users and website visitors, make correct adjustments to their ads and how they perform, with mobile being a key part in this. There has been no confirmation of when this will be added but we can expect it to be made available at some point in 2017.

6. Custom In-Market Audience

Search campaigns will be getting in-market audiences. Google have said that they will also be launching a custom version that will be custom made and tailored based on your website, how your campaign is performing as well as your business goals.

7. Google Attribution

One of the biggest announcements made by Google regarding this was the new and free (yes, free!) attribution product which is planned to be integrated into the new AdWords interface. However, a date hasn’t been announced on when this will come out but we anticipate we’re going to see it before the end of 2017.

The new interface has been rolling out to more advertisers over the past few months and Google has confirmed it’ll be available for everyone by the end of 2017. We look forward to seeing all these new features being made available for everyone. What are your thoughts on the new updated interface? Share your thoughts in our comment section.

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