New Analytics For Pinterest – What You Need To Know

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If you’re a Pinterest user, you may have received an email letting you know about the new Pinterest analytics.

First off, you have to verify your website. Click on the little pencil mark to edit the details of your profile then click ‘verify website’. Follow the instructions that pop up to either add a meta tag or upload a file to your website. Then just click ‘verify’.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll get a new item appear in the top-right menu bar. That ‘Analytics’ button will open up all sorts of opportunities for improving your presence on the social network.

The first page of the analytics shows you the number of pins from your website and how many people have been pinning. Next you have the number of times pins from your website have been repined, the total amount of impressions, and click-throughs.

You’ll also see the most recent pins from your website, the most pinned and the most clicked.

Having this sort of data allows you experiment with your pins and boards. For example, you might try adding text to some of your pins to see if they get more click-throughs. You might give one of your boards a more interesting name to see if that entices readers to repin and click-through.

These stats also remind you how important it is to encourage people to pin content from your website. Make sure you have ‘Pin It’ buttons within easy reach on your web pages and blog posts.

Having this data at your fingertips is a great way of determining how beneficial Pinterest is to your business and how you can increase your reach.

The release of these tools signals the coming of Pinterest adverts. Even if you don’t plan to advertise with Pinterest in the future, these analytics are a great way of improving your social media presence.


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