New Facebook Page Insights – What’s Changed?

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If you have a Facebook page for your business then you may have noticed in the last few weeks that you were invited to use the new Facebook Insights.

Facebook are rolling a new version of Page Insights, which is their free analytic tool for measuring the success of your efforts. The first thing you notice is just how different it looks, but it is easy to navigate and is much cleaner looking with some handy new features.

Firstly, selecting date ranges to view data has become much easier; you can now simply click and drag to select the dates you require.

There are now four main tabs at the top of Page Insights, starting with ‘Overview’ which does what is says and shows an overview of performance from the last seven days. Then you can investigate data further with the following.

Page Tab

• Page Likes shows Like growth, a breakdown of Unlikes, Organic Likes, Paid Likes and Net Likes and where you Likes come from
• Post Reach shows organic and paid post reach, number of Likes, Comments and Shares
• Page Visits details page and tab visits, other page activity including check ins and posts by other people and external referrers by website

Posts Tab

• All Posts shows all posts but now with the ability to filter
• When Your Fans are Online is a great new feature to see the average number of fans who saw your post during each hour
• Best Post Types lets you view the best ‘Post Clicks’ and ‘Like, Comments & Shares’

People Tab

• Your Fans shows the age and gender of your fans and where they live
• People Reached shows the age, gender and geographical data of people reached
• People Engaged shows the age, gender and geographical data of people engaged

One of the new features is viewing your posts by ‘Post Clicks’ and ‘Like, Comments & Shares’. This allows you to see the type of engagement and reach you are getting from your fans. Furthermore the new Facebook Page Insights now informs you which posts are ‘Best’ according to how well they have performed, again using Reach, Post, Clicks and Likes, Comments and Shares, saving you time when trying to see what posts work best for your business.

There is lots of advice about what’s the best time of day to post on Facebook and one great change on the new version of Page Insights is that Facebook now tells you the average number of people who saw your posts during each hour of the day over 7 days. This gives you the opportunity to trial posts at different times to see when your customers engage the most.

Unfortunately, it still remains a bit awkward to export data but is worth doing as you can actually get more information than Facebook shows on Page Insights.

If all that sounds a little confusing, don’t worry Facebook offers a tour of the new Page Insights after inviting you to view them. This really helps to navigate your way around the new layout and in no time you’ll soon become familiar with all the extra features and help available to improve your customers experience with this social media giant.

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