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As the Wall Street Journal reports, at least 85% of Twitter users access it from their phone or tablet. Taking advantage of this booming use of social media on smart phones, Twitter recently released four amazing new features for its mobile app: Twitter Video, Twitter Analytics for individual tweets, Group Direct Messaging and Postcode Targeting.


What are exactly these new features and what are their benefits?

Twitter Video

Twitter video went live to all accounts using the mobile app at the weekend. With this new feature users can capture, edit and share videos directly from the Twitter app.

When you tap the camera function it now brings up a video icon. By clicking on it users can record 30 second videos, edit them using Twitter’s inline editing tools and share them with their followers.

In Twitter’s own words: “We designed our camera to be simple to use so you ca capture and share life’s most interesting moments as they happen”.

And this can be an amazing opportunity for a business to connect with their followers. Social media is all about valuable content and organizing your editorial calendar of updates, but in certain occasions a spontaneous tweet or video can work wonders!

You can for example add a video of a live event, a special moment in the office like the launching of a new product or celebration of a milestone, or just show something interesting or funny!

This type of content has incredible potential for engagement and interaction, so take advantage of this new feature in order to add some creativity to your brand!

Twitter Analytics for Individual Tweet

Ever wonder if and how many people are actually reading your tweets? This new feature tool in Twitter’s official mobile app lets users see a variety of metrics about their tweets.

When you focus on a single tweet, underneath there is a tapable function that says ‘view tweet activity’ which will quickly brief you on impressions and engagement. Separate drilldowns reveal the percentage of followers that viewed media and clicked any links associated with the tweet. The analytics provided are dependent on the type of content in the Tweet, and the interactions that occur.

source: Twitter support

The feature gets its data from Twitter’s Analytics platform. The logical evolution of this new feature would be to directly promote tweets inside the mobile app.

So if you daily manage your business Twitter account “on the go”, or are at a specific live business event and are tweeting from there, now you can see how people engage in real time with your tweets, all from the convenience of your phone.

These stats also provides you instant actionable data and is an excellent supplement to the comprehensive analytics Twitter offers for use in its desktop client.

Analytics on the go!

Direct Messaging to more than one person at a time

You can now target a group of Twitter users in one go using Twitter’s new group Direct Messaging feature, giving you the ability converse privately with larger groups which ultimately gives you more options for how (and who) you communicate with via Twitter. The group function has the advantage of letting you start a conversation with any of your existing followers, however they don’t all need to follow one another in order to chat! You can add up to 20 people at one time and they will all get a notification on being added to the group.

Postcode targeted ads

In a move which falls in line directly with the UK general elections, Twitter have launched postcode geo-targeting to their ads. Though Twitter advertisers in the UK were already able to focus their campaigns on specific regional areas, this very focused strategy can precisely target at a much more local level for the first time. The use of smartphones and tablets open up a whole realm of possibilities for geotargeting, as GPS can locate you within meters of your location. Your mobile network and WiFi plays a huge part also, with the connections being able to track you within a few streets. A national chain can now create tailor made adverts to specific areas nearby, highlighting special offers in particular stores, similar to how we get vouchers etc posted through the letterbox. You can focus on local customers on their commute to work or lunch breaks with offers tailored to them. Half price coffee between 7:30am – 9:00am? You don’t want to be targeting customers 15 miles away, the postcode targeting will get your customers and potential customers who walk in the vicinity of your establishment everyday!

Have you used any of these features on Twitter’s mobile app? Let us know your thoughts at @SocialBuk

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