New Ways Of Managing Facebook Pages With ‘Global Options’

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It used to be that if you had Facebook pages in different countries each one would require a separate administration page. This made it time-consuming to keep everything updated and that could lead to a lack of consistency across those pages.

Now Facebook have launched Global Pages. This means that one administrator can be in charge of all pages for a brand, no matter where in the world they target.

The brand will have one URL but a user will see different content depending on where they are. The page will be translated into that area’s language and localised cover photos, albums, and about info may be shown.

Although that user will be getting a local page, they will still be able to be part of the global community. For brands this means they can direct customers to local campaigns, meaning better engagement because the content will always be more relevant.

This is great for smaller companies using Facebook for business — especially those that don’t have the resources to manage separate pages in different countries. Facebook will translate the page name into the language of the user but will always show global likes and People Talking About This counts.

One account manager can now be in charge of a brand’s entire global Facebook campaign. Consistency can be achieved in terms of branding and information but users can be targeted based on their locality.

Facebook insights will also be collected into one place. This makes it much easier to see user engagement across multiple pages, rather than having to switch between each.

This option is currently only available to the big brands who spend enough money with the site to have their own Facebook account manager. We hope, though, that the option will be rolled out to other pages if all goes well. This would be great news for small businesses that sell globally.

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