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Not Blogging For Your Business? Here’s What You’re Missing Out On

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 10 May 2017 by Shima Khanea

You can add valuable content for your customers and website visitors on your blog. However, a large number of businesses don’t see how beneficial it could be. In this blog, we’ll go through and explain why your business could be missing out on a critical element, your company blog.

A Human Touch

Customers don’t want to be approached by people who appear robotic, with the amount of technology and social media available it’s easy to feel disconnected. Blogging is a way to bridge that gap and bring everyone closer. It’s a place where you can provide relevant news about your business so your customers get to know you and your brand better, providing information about your products/services and demonstrate that you’re there to help them learn and listening to what they would like to know more about. Blogs provide an opportunity for your customers to review past content, discuss what is presently being published and you have the opportunity to show them how you’re going to improve in the future.

Engage With Your Customers

By allowing customers to comment on your blogs, they are being encouraged to engage with you. A comment section is a place your customers can ask questions about your services or products. If something is unclear they could ask you to clarify something in your blog, it also offers the opportunity where they can tell you what they think about your product/services and content you’re publishing. It offers a platform for them to tell you what they like and dislike, which is a great thing (Don’t worry!), this just means you know where and what you can improve and work harder on.

It also allows you to look internally as your colleagues can potentially see where you’re lacking and what could be further improved. There is always room for improvement, how you choose to act when told something could be tweaked determines a lot. If handled correctly, this demonstrates flexibility and willingness, vital traits to have in a constantly changing business environment.

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Potential Way To Generate Revenue

Blogs are a potential way for your brand to generate revenue. By creating great and relevant content for your customers it could help lead towards a sale of a product/service you offer. You should be the expert on your industry and company, meaning there isn’t a need to hire someone to write content for you meaning money doesn’t need to be invested upfront for your content to generate decent conversions. It’s a given that it’ll take up some time and effort to write and produce content, however, it’s vital to think of the bigger picture to see what value it not only provides your customers but also your business. Since you are an expert on your own business, it shouldn’t take as long to write content about the topic of your choice.


When sharing your expertise and knowledge you are showing your customers hard work and perseverance have made you an expert in the field. It increases your presence and voice of authority, it provides you with the ability to influence your customers as well. Once you have become a credible expert, you will become the trustworthy source for information and advice they are looking for about various products and services.

In addition, you might also have gained affiliate partners who can represent your company and can be turned into profitable partnership and provide beneficial opportunities for your company.


Remember that you’re just not writing information about your industry, business, products or services but you are offering your customers and readers a real-life experience about what you have to offer. Your content shouldn’t be a checklist of why you’re great and why they should pick you but what they can do for your customer. Put your audience in mind and write the content based on what they would find valuable, not what your brand would find valuable. By adding a touch of creativity you can set yourself apart from similar businesses.

Still not convinced you should blog for your business? Leave a comment below and tell us why.

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