Oh, How Pinteresting! 3 Pinterest Tools You Cannot Miss

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Since its debut 2 years ago Pinterest has been grabbing more and more attention and followers. Savvy marketers are using it as part of their social media strategy and it’s proven to be a great platform for brand awareness and to drive traffic to a website.

But how do you find out your Pinfluence? Is there any way to figure out if your pinning efforts are gaining the reach you would expect as a return? Analysing your social media ROI is key to any successful strategy so here are three very “pinteresting” tools made specifically for Pinterest that you don’t want to miss:


PinReach measures your Pinterest influence. As well as giving you an overall score, it provides easy-to-read charts and tables that show your most popular pins and boards. This is done by gathering information about the total numbers of pins, repins, likes, followers, following, comments, and boards.  And it’s free!

With this tool you can easily identify your best-working pins and boards to get an idea of what seems to appeal to your audience helping you drive your marketing strategies on this platform.

Besides seeing your own data, PinReach also has the possibility to check overall stats like “Highest Reach” or “Most Popular Pins”. This is where you put on your observation hat. It’s very “pinteresting” to see what the top pinners are sharing with their audiences giving them highest reach. It can give you ideas for pins or for tweaking  your Pinterest strategy.


This is an indispensable analytics tool for anyone investing their time on Pinterest. It shows you who’s clicking on which pins and can help you with your strategy.

You don’t have to guess anymore which pins are having an impact since with this tool you can track who’s pinning the most and who is retweeting what you say. You can also compare your pinboard to analyse which one  generates more traffic and why.


Pinpuff is another very “pinteresting” measurement tool. It awards you a score based on your reach, activity and “virality” of your pins. The difference and innovation of this tool is that it decides the monetary value of your pins and traffic your pins generate, a.k.a. your “Pin Worth”. Your pin’s monetary values are calculated based on categories you pin about and different activity numbers.

Do you know more “pinteresting” tools? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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