Top 5 Ways to Discover Quality Candidates Using Online Recruitment

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Are you struggling to identify and discover your dream candidates for an upcoming job role? Have traditional recruitment methods ceased to generate new successful leads?

You may be considering whether online recruitment is the way forward. To support you in developing a successful online recruitment strategy, we have compiled our top tips to help you connect with the perfect candidates for the future of your business.

What is Online Recruitment?

Online recruitment uses digital methods, such as social media, to help discover and hire the best candidates. It has significantly developed over the last few years with UK companies filling ¼ of their roles through online recruitment and new approaches continuing to be harnessed every day. With so many companies going online to recruit, how can you ensure that you stand out? Digital recruitment methods enable you to take back control whilst attracting, engaging and converting the right people for your business. Read on to find out our top tips and check out our FREE webinar coming up later this month, further details are at the bottom of the page.


What Are the Advantages of Online Recruitment?

Online recruitment methods can save you time, money and help you to reach a wider, more targeted audience. 73% of millennials found their last position through social media so there is a large recruitment pool to access, you’ll just need to know the best approach to take. With many jobs continuing to be remote, you can ensure you reap the benefits by branching further afield and connecting with a candidate pool that has a specific skillset. You can enhance a recruitment life cycle for both you and the candidates involved which is efficient, effective, and thorough.

What Are the Main Methods of Online Recruitment?

There are numerous avenues to consider when developing an online recruitment strategy. Some of the main techniques include:

• Using social media to raise awareness and build community.
• Developing paid ads that target a specific audience.
• Increasing reach using reputable online job boards.
• Promoting company culture by building positive employee reviews.
• Generating links with trusted and relevant bloggers.
• Harnessing email marketing campaigns.
• Optimising your website for online recruitment.

Tips For Harnessing Online Recruitment Opportunities

1. Highlight Company Culture to Recruit Online

Nowadays, many employees are choosing roles based on a company’s cultural reputation. For 2022, LinkedIn released a report on company culture trends with research showing that there has been a 67% engagement boost to posts that mention workplace culture. You can use multiple avenues to highlight the benefits of working with your business and draw people in with workplace perks and employee feedback. Generate video content, employee quotes and workplace reviews across internal and external platforms. Online recruitment platforms make it so much easier for organisations to promote their mission so that the right people can get onboard.


2. Develop a Journey That Nurtures Candidates

Entice the best people by taking prospective candidates on an inspiring journey across your social media, website, email newsletters and beyond. Develop your recruitment conversion funnel with stages such as awareness, consideration, and application. Make the online recruitment process efficient with time-saving aspects like pre-populated forms and recorded video introductions. Build a strong online presence and community so your reputation precedes any upcoming job opportunities.

3. Discover Quality Candidates by Recruiting Online

Using online recruitment, it is now easier than ever to target candidates based on specific levels of expertise, experience and characteristics. LinkedIn Ads have the potential to increase quality applications, engage passive candidates and save time, money and resources. There is a variety of options including image ads, dynamic ads and message ads which can be personalised to reflect your company’s character. Ensure that you promote job roles on relevant job boards and blogs, including niche industry sites.


4. Take Back Control Using Online Recruitment

You can take back control by developing an in-house online recruitment strategy. Save money by moving away from expensive agency fees and use those funds to promote not only individual job opportunities but also your overall company culture. With targeted ads, you get to decide how you communicate what you are looking for in a candidate and the qualities you are hoping that they’ll bring. Build an online community and presence that publicises your company’s mission and attracts relevant recruitment leads and engagement.

5. Cost Effective Ways to Use Online Recruitment

Social media and online recruitment can be very cost effective if it is harnessed in the right ways. By targeting the right candidates, you won’t need to waste valuable resources on the wrong candidates. Receive relevant CVs, utilise pre-recorded videos as part of the interview process and save money on costly agency fees. Additionally, you could promote opportunities within email campaigns and company email signatures. Save time and money by engaging with your existing online community and garnering interest from people who are already passionate about what you do.



SocialB believes in enabling a better future together by empowering people to develop the digital marketing skills they need to thrive online.

The future of social media and online recruitment has so many valuable possibilities to benefit both companies and individuals. If you would like to find out more about how to harness your online recruitment strategy, check out our FREE webinar where a varied panel of experts share their knowledge on finding niche talent and nurturing candidates online.

If you’re in need of some more in-depth information about social media and online recruitment, then check out the other training courses we have on offer.

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