Optimise Your YouTube Channel With These 5 Tips

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iphone 6 macroVideos are a key content strategy for any business investing in social media marketing, as social media is becoming more and more visual.

It comes as no surprise that many businesses are using YouTube as part of their social media strategy given that it is the best known video social channel.

It’s amazing how can a brand create so many different types of videos that engage their audience, from “how-to” tutorials, interviews, humorous or inspirational videos to spontaneous videos from a specific event.

If done well, your YouTube strategy can attract your targeted audience and drive traffic and potential customers to your website, as well as enhance your brand awareness, as the opportunities to share the videos on other social media channels are huge.

But in order to reap the benefits, you need a well optimised YouTube channel that is achieving its goals and make it a pleasant place to visit.

Here are 5 tips to optimise your channel that you can implement straight away:

1. Name

The name you choose is where your channel optimisation should start since it appears in searches, suggested channels and also channel browse placements.

It can be the name of your brand or not and make sure it is different from your channel URL. Pick a name that is short, memorable and immediately gives an idea on what your channel is about.

2. Description

The description is very important not only to readers but for search engines as well.

The first sentences are the most important of your channel description as this appears prominently in your profile, so make sure that they describe what the channel is about and has relevant keywords.

The description is not set-in-stone and you can change it later if it makes sense.

3. Art

You can ask for the help of a graphic designer or use a DIY online tool to create your channel art, but always keep in mind that the images you use should be clear, concise and not busy. The simpler they are, the better.

Your channel art should reflect your brand’s personality and also be consistent with your website and other social media channels like Facebook or Twitter.

4. Videos titles and descriptions

These are two important key components of optimising your channel.

Always make sure your video titles are short and simple and truly describe the content of the video. Also make sure you include relevant keywords.

On the video description, it’s important to also have relevant keywords in the first sentence since only the first sentences of the video will appear and also the video’s description is part of YouTube’s algorithm.

5. Tags

Tags are sometimes forgotten but they’re extremely important since they also inform YouTube’s algorithm what your videos are about so that they show up on relevant searches.

So you should use specific tags that show what your video is about categorically. For example if you have a video about how to cook an Italian dish, you may want to use tags such as Italian cuisine, Italian food recipe, Italian cooking, etc.

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