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Pinterest was the hot new social sharing tool of 2012 in the UK. Already a big success in the US, this past year saw the site gaining nearly 800% more UK traffic than in 2011, now getting around 8 million hits per month. That’s still a way off from the 139 million monthly hits in the US, but globally speaking Pinterest is really growing up.

Since launching specific pages for business recently, Pinterest has made itself even more useful. It’s already estimated that the site generates around 10% more sales than any social media site, fantastic for such an easy network to get lost in.

Handmade marketplace powerhouse Etsy, have captured the essence of Pinterest beautifully. With nearly 60 boards comprising more than 5,000 pins, Etsy has managed to successfully drive more traffic to their website and increase sales for its users. They’ve integrated Pinterest into the every workings of their website and really embraced and reflected the creative, visual nature of it.

Of course, Etsy had a great starting point, a huge community of active internet users just waiting to pin. It’s not too hard for any company to use Pinterest though, and there are a few tools to help you get it just right.

  • Repinly – a Pinterest directory providing statistics on the most popular pins, pinners, boards and topics, Repinly is a great resource of you want to tailor your content to build a bigger following and can really drill down into what is and isn’t popular on Pinterest.
  • Reachli – Originally known as Pinerly, this service helps you to track images across the internet. The company started out as a page management tool to track how effective your ‘campaigns’ were across Pinterest. With their recent expansion to include other visually focused social networks like Tumblr and Instagram, Reachli is turning into a mammoth third party app.
  • Pingraphy – a Pinterest management tool designed specifically for brands, Pingraphy allows users to bulk upload pins (a real time saver) as well as scheduling and tracking pins too. This app is still young but is really one to watch.

Pinterest can be a really useful part of an overall social media strategy, and these tools can help you get the very best from it. If you need some help getting started, you might consider one of our social marketing for business training courses.

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