Our Top 12 Christmas Wish List For Social Media In 2014

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Christmas is just around the corner and there are only a few more business weeks ahead of us as we look into 2014.

Here at SocialB we’ve been thinking a lot about how social media has evolved this past year and how it will evolve further next year. The short history of social media has already been so eventful, and so we can expect that 2014 will be another ground-breaking year for the revolutionary technology.

Here is what is on our top 12 Christmas wish list for social media in 2014:

 1.     Investment in social media will become a necessity, not a luxury

It’s crazy how many businesses still see social media as a luxury. Since most audiences are now online and using social media to interact and engage, there is a real necessity for companies to be where they are.

2.     We’ll have more visual content

We’ve seen a consistent trend in 2013 toward sharing through image and video, rather than text-based content. In 2014 businesses will need to become more mindful about the ‘shareability’ factor of photos and videos on their websites and social media profiles.

3.     Stop auto-posting from Twitter to Linkedin or Facebook

Each network is different and needs tailored content for each audience. What works great in 140 characters on Twitter might not be appropriate for Linkedin or Facebook. We wish to see more tailored posts for each network in 2014!

4.     More social media involvement from staff

Although many companies have a social media manager (or an external agency) responsible for social media marketing, we would want to see more involvement from the rest of the company’s staff and other departments besides marketing and PR, so all of them can be encouraged to connect and be able to become brand advocates as well (and often bring great ideas to the table).

 5.     Better customer service

Social media is nowadays a place where people vent about businesses and ask them questions. In 2014 we hope that many businesses see the tremendous potential for delivering an excellent customer service through social media and actually start responding promptly to those questions.

6.     New social media networks

Google+ is evolving fast. Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter are constantly innovating with new features. We hope to see more social media networks to emerge in 2014, not only providing new “niche” marketing opportunities to businesses but also making the “top” current platforms always continuing to innovate in order to keep their “top” places.

7.     More location-based marketing

With many businesses are still trying to understand this technology, we hope that for 2014 the use of GPS technology will deliver multimedia content tailored to the geographical location straight to the potential customer’s mobile device will be a serious trend since it poses so many great marketing opportunities.

8.     More companies using Google+

The giant search engine’s social platform is second only behind Facebook in terms of monthly visitors but still not many companies are investing in this platform. With the combination of having both the social network and a boost to any company’s site SEO, we do hope that in 2014 more businesses see the tremendous potential of being on Google+.

9.     And more using Pinterest!

Pinterest has become an essential marketing tool for a large number of businesses for acquiring new customers and building up their brand but still many businesses think it’s not for them since they’re not “that” visual. We hope that in 2014 they can think in a more creative way and see Pinterest as a great platform to be (even if they don’t have a great bunch of images to start from).

10.  More focus on user-generated content

Many brands are so focused on creating content to share on social media that they don’t see the potential of their audience’s generated content, especially when it’s about them! Photos, videos, articles, reviews, etc, that are being created and shared by customers (and potential customers) and that can be used to drive their social media marketing strategies. We hope that in 2014 brands will realise how this is so important for them.

11.  Content based on value

Social media is a great place to teach and educate audiences and creating content based on teaching something new about products, services or an industry in general. It is a great way to provide real value to the followers and keep them engaged. In 2014 we hope to see brands translating more of their expertise into creating content for their audiences.

12.  Social media fully integrated into marketing and sales

Social Media should not be an isolated marketing activity. We hope that in 2014 more companies realise the importance of integrating social media into the overall marketing and sales strategy since this will bring consistency and will build trust amongst their consumers.

This are our Christmas social media wish list for 2014. What are yours? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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