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A marketer never has a slow day, if anything there’s always much to be done when it comes to marketing, to say the least! The Social Media network, Pinterest, understands that it’s time-consuming to look for high-quality visual content, which is why they’ve announced the launch of Pin Collective.

What Is It?

The Pin Collective connects businesses with Pinterest’s best content creators. Pinterest has handpicked a group of publishers, production shops and independent creators who know what successful content is on Pinterest. These hand-selected experts will be working directly with brands to create content that drives business results while at the same time delights their Pinners. The selected Pin Collective partners are able to provide brands with end-to-end production for a wide range of things, from Pins, videos to bigger creative initiatives.

Who Are The Content Creators?

For Pinterest’s initial launch, the following content creators are:

Independent Creators:

  • A global group of Pinterest tastemakers like Kyla Herbes (home design), Gary Arnd (travel), Amanda Holstein (advice for Millennials), Peter Lombardi (photography and design) and Sarah Barnes (food)


  • Brit + Co, Tastemade, Refinery29 and PureWoW

Production Shops:

  • The Mill, McBeard, loop88 and Moment Studio

At this stage, Pinterest hasn’t announced if they are currently looking to further expand their group of content creators.

Why Have They Created This?

Great content is at the heart of Pinterest which is why the visual search engine has handpicked a group of online influencers, publishers and production companies to help brands of all sizes create inspiring and actionable Pins. Their goal is to make sure brands have what they need in order to produce content that’s optimised for Pinterest’s visual format and their Pinners unique behaviour. Pinterest acknowledges that marketers have a lot to manage and to ensure it’s simple to advertise, they have created this to help brands of all sizes create great Pins, regardless of their budget or production resources. It’s an opportunity to take a more sophisticated approach to creative and also frees up resources on the brand’s end to focus on other tasks. So far, it seems to be a win-win situation. What are your thoughts?

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