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It’s no surprise that Pinterest is taking social media marketing by storm! The platform has over 459 million monthly active users and is the world’s 14th largest social network. Just let that sink in!!

In fact, a lot of B2B biggies are using Pinterest to leverage its superb visual content marketing attributes. As a business, if you aren’t on Pinterest yet, you could be missing out on a host of benefits like increased traffic, brand recognition, and an exciting way to promote your content.

B2B marketers can use Pinterest to drive valuable conversions. You might even be surprised to learn that one-third of Pinterest users follow brands and companies, regardless of industry.

Need more convincing on how Pinterest can help scale your B2B brand? Well, we’ve collated some unique ways to use Pinterest effectively for your B2B strategy! Read on…

Understanding the platform dynamics


Benefits of Pinterest for Business | Top 9 Advantages of Pinterest



Pinterest’s mission statement is to “connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting.” That’s precisely how the platform is supposed to be used!

As a B2B brand, you can use Pinterest to talk about your target audiences’ interests (and their audiences) and then tie it back to your brand’s proposition.

For instance, if you own a Wholesale Furniture store, you can share the latest design inspirations, décor and interiors-related boards that interest your larger audience — the décor lovers!

Here are 4 key metrics you can leverage as B2B marketers using Pinterest:

Traffic – People convert easily when they visually connect with your brand. Research indicates that Pinterest is more effective at driving traffic because it offers users an immersive experience.

Links – Just adding a “Pin It” button to your product pages or blog posts will allow your audience to pin your products onto Pinterest that’s connected to your website. That’s a backlink you’ve earned!

Social Sharing – Pinterest allows sharing within its platform. This enables users to automatically share new pins to their Facebook and Twitter feeds for others to see. Therefore, wider visibility on a single post.

Additionally, Pinterest also allows you to create Group Boards. This can help you collaborate with other users on the platform and take control of the conversation, by having collaborators that you chose to share/add Pins. Cross-promotion of content made easy right there!

Generate quality leads on Pinterest

As stated above, nearly one-third of Pinterest users are on the platform to discover and follow new ideas regardless of the industry.


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Give your audience something to discover, and they’ll come back! Follow the Pinterest Trends to make sure you are aligned with everything that’s trending on the platform.

One thing that’s common in major B2B brands on Pinterest is that they talk about a theme or mood rather than just products! So, make sure your boards depict your brand’s personality, as that’s how you catch your prospect’s attention on Pinterest.

Check these Pinterest board examples from popular B2B companies showcasing their brand’s personality:


IBM: Chef Watson’s Cookbook

Microsoft: Life at Microsoft

FedEx: FedEx Throwbacks




Create a board of your blog posts

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to Pinterest marketing. Chances are, you already have loads of inbound marketing content that can simply be repurposed for the platform. Easy, right?



Include a board for your videos


You can also embed YouTube or Vimeo videos on Pinterest. So, if you’ve got a good library of videos, post them with relevant keywords, and voila, you are all done! Videos are vital when it comes to getting potential leads!

Optimise Your Pins and Boards for Search

When we said Pinterest does it all, we meant it! If you optimise your pins correctly, you stand a fair chance to boost your Google ranking. That’s every marketer’s dream!!

For this, your boards must work in tandem with your keyword strategy too. Bear in mind that boards are search-friendly, and Pinterest’s algorithm will evaluate keywords used on a board to ascertain if the content on that board is relevant to a search.




Create a few boards for keywords you like to rank for

The best practice is to have your board title, description, and pins all matched up with your target keywords for different categories on your Pinterest profile.

Some other areas you should incorporate your keywords include:

  • Profile Bio

  • Pin Descriptions

  • Image Alt-text

So, how to come up with the best keywords that increase your search score? The best place to start is definitely Google Analytics. Select the keywords that you currently rank well for in Google, and make sure to use these as your board titles.

Target B2B groups with Pinterest Ads

Quite similar to other social platforms, Pinterest enables you to target ads around keywords, location, age, interests, and other demographics. This allows you to narrow down your campaign towards your ideal audience.


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You can also do detailed targeting based on your website visitors’ data, users who have engaged with your pins, users who have engaged with similar pins, and a separate list you provide like newsletter subscribers, people who have downloaded resources from your site etc.

But we’d suggest if you just started, spend time building your page organically and observe the user journey first. Afterwards, you can pursue Pinterest ads to boost the reach, here’s a great resource for you.


To Wrap Up

If you are missing out on using Pinterest, you are losing a big chunk of potential leads. B2B companies who embrace the platform are sure to be on their way to improved site traffic, more engagement, and brand awareness.

Pinterest combines all sorts of social media marketing dynamics— from using videos to cross-sharing content, SEO and discovering new ideas. All you need to do is know your way to use the platform effectively!

We hope these tips will come in handy for you to tap into the vast potential that Pinterest has to offer to B2B marketers. Follow us on social media and stay updated with valuable nuggets of information on everything marketing!

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