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Social media has changed the way we market everything from products to events. It’s really cost effective to promote an event with social media as it just takes a few tweaks of your existing social media strategy.


In the run-up to the event, let your social networks know when it is, what it is and what they need to do in order to attend.

It also can’t hurt to add a nice ‘please retweet’ or ‘please share’ onto the end. If you ask nicely, people are more likely to share your content and this is great for getting event sign-ups.


Create a hashtag for your event for people to use across the different social networks. This way you can see who is talking about your event even if they don’t include you in their message. It’s also a great chance to create a buzz in the run-up to the date.

Blog tie-ins

Create a blog post that contains all the information people might need to know about when it comes to your event. This way you can point people to more information if character restrictions stop you from giving the full story.

Make sure people know where and when the event is, why they should attend and how to sign up. You can then give people the blog URL for more information.

Event websites

Sites such as Eventbrite make it easy to list an event and keep track of the guest list. You can also easily share to all your social networks straight from the event page. The site also encourages people to sign in with Facebook.

This means they can see which of their friends are going to events. It makes it easy to post a status update about your event and invite their friends along too.

During the event

You can encourage people to tweet and post photos during the event. It helps to create a buzz for anyone who wasn’t able to attend. It’s also something that can be looked back on when you come to do your post-event marketing.

After the event

You can use images and posts from during the event to let people know how much of a success it was. You should also let people know whether or not you’ll be planning another event in the future. This is a good chance to get sign-ups and feedback before you start planning the next event.

Ask people to give feedback on the event using your hashtag. This will help you to plan more events in the future as you’ll have something to refer to.

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