Pulling At The Heartstrings To Engage Customers

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Delivering content that creates customer engagement is the goal of every social media marketer. Yet, in an age of noise and too much information available on social media channels, this can prove to be a not-so-easy task. That’s why delivering content that creates an emotional response is key.

You might think “Emotional? What does emotion have to do with social media”? Well, everything! Pulling at the heartstrings of your followers is the key to engage them. Your content should create value and “wake up” their emotions. This is also the “secret” behind viral content.

Create emotional content

With content marketing, the message is the virus, the carriers are your audience and a strong emotional connection to the message is the catalyst. When people connect with your content and your social media profiles through positive emotions, they’re more likely to share the content with their peers and come back for more from you.

You must have a unique and powerful message that drives people to want to share, so much so that it becomes second nature for them. An emotional response to the message is what triggers the reaction to share.

For example, if you’re a business promoting a holiday destination, create videos, photos, and stories that work as teasers to what people can expect to enjoy there. By doing so, you stimulate positive thoughts and desires for them to be there. Create content that makes the audience put themselves at the centre of losing themselves in whatever you are promoting. Total emotional immersion. They’re more likely to create a positive image of the location, feel engaged with your content and share it on their social media profiles.

Know your audience

The way to create engaging emotional content and pull at the heartstrings of your audience depends on how well you really know and understand your audience. Aim to know their needs and what kind of emotions would be stimulated by your content on a consistent basis. You can try this by using various content types: videos, articles, photos, etc. Be creative, think of ways to awaken different types of emotions and look at the stats (number of shares, comments, likes, etc) to know what works best for your specific business.

Be careful however with negative emotions such as fear or anger. Sometimes, these emotions can be used to create a buzz or encourage people give their opinion, but it can also backfire in a nasty way. Content that creates positive emotions are also known to become viral more easily.


The bottom line is this, people are far more likely to share content with others when they are emotionally engaged. Identify the key issues that interest your audience and create content that will provoke a strong and emotional response. Push the envelope – in doing so you’re probably on the right track. Viral content is not content that is just “okay”, its strong, unique and powerful and delivers a message worth sharing.

Tip: Make sure you insert a call-to-action in your emotional content so the readers can take an immediate action, like joining your page or subscribing to the newsletter.

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