Quick Tips To Convert Visitors Into Customers This Christmas

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Christmas is a profitable time for many businesses, but there is a small window of time to maximise sales and convert visitors into customers before the 25th arrives and Santa comes down the chimney!

Online sales across all industries have grown over the last few years and Christmas is the ideal time of year when customers look to the internet. Your online marketing plan for Christmas is working and website traffic is looking good, but if sales are not following, then take a look at our quick tips you can implement to make the most of those visitors to your website and convert them into customers this Christmas.

Review Your User Experience

Time and convenience are two big reasons why users shop online and this is especially so at Christmas when there is so much going on. Spending just half an hour reviewing and navigating around your website, including adding something to your basket and checking out, as sometimes the smallest of glitches can have a big effect on sales and be a simple fix. If you have a separate mobile website, don’t forget about this and make sure everything is in place for shoppers to spend their pennies.

Boost Top Selling Christmas Products

At this point in the Christmas shopping calendar, take a look at your website sales and see what is proving popular with online customers. If there are products that stand out then why not add these to your home page on a slider or banner with a link to the stock that is trending. You can also post this info to your social media accounts and highlight how popular certain items are and the fact they are selling quickly!

Catch Last Minute Christmas Shoppers

81% of purchases start with an online search, where visitors review products and check prices. Some of those will still want to shop in store, whether to save delivery or to ensure they get the items they want in time for the big day. Therefore, it is essential to make sure your website has the opening hours clearly displayed, especially if you are opening late during the Christmas period. Highlighting directions and parking is also helpful and ensures your telephone number is easily found throughout the site so you have all bases covered and can convert these customers too.

This Christmas promises to be even bigger and better for online sales, so make sure you are not missing out and your Christmas conversion rates are up, but you had better be quick the Christmas countdown is well and truly underway.

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