Reasons Why Your Business Should Blog

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In today’s social media marketing environment, there is some debate as to whether blogging is still a relevant and effective element of an online content marketing campaign. Yet, what better way to encourage your target audience to come to you?  Start regularly publishing content on your website and you’ll see why your business should blog.

Promote your online presence

Some business websites may consist of only a few pages of content. While this may support the selling of your products or services, it will not provide a sufficiently prevalent online presence to allow potential customers easy access to your website in the first place.

A blog, however, will help to boost the online bearing of your business. Each blog post you publish acts as an additional page to your website. The more pages your website boasts, the more opportunities it presents for potential customers to discover the site.

If you use your blog wisely, you can target traffic to your website. By employing keywords in your blog articles and tapping into relevant industry topics you will also assist your search engine optimisation. Create informative and interesting posts that answer potential customers’ theoretical queries. When those people turn to Google in search of solutions, your blog posts should be displayed in their search results.

A blog gives you the ideal opportunity to create relevant content for potential customers and you can use it as a marketing tactic to drive traffic back to your website. Chances are, many of your potential clients are using social media sites and if your business isn’t exploiting social media, then it should be. You should be sharing your content on social media to encourage visitors to your website.

Why not make your blog the basis for your social media presence? Give people a reason to like, share or follow you online. A busy, regularly updated blog will give you something worth sharing. Post links of your blog articles with engaging images to your social media sites and encourage your followers to not only click through to your website, but to promote your posts with their followers too.

Build bonds

Content marketing is a strategy based on creating and sharing content with potential customers. Quality content can enhance the reputation of your business. If your content offers something of value to its readers, it can promote your business as an authority in its field.  By regularly posting informative, individual and interesting blogs on your business website, you’re likely to establish a repeat readership.

While an enticing homepage and the essential pages of your website may be carefully crafted, they may not offer quite enough to encourage potential customers to commit. A regularly updated blog however can bridge the gap. Links to your blog articles, placed strategically on your website, can encourage visitors to extend their stay, seek the answers to questions and reassure themselves that you’re right for them.

A blog gives you the freedom to offer advice and opinions and to present your personality. Your blog gives you another go at securing those visitors not yet sold on your essential pages alone. Visitors can comment on your blog posts, which opens up an alternative channel of communication. You can start a discussion, offer assistance and demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.

Consumers like to be informed. Build trust by being a source of information. A coherent online presence courtesy of a blog, combined with authority in your field, will create interest, build business relationships and persuade those potential customers to become clients.

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