See Our 7 Top Strategies For PPC Conversion Optimisation

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 10 Nov 2014 by Carla
Paid Search (PPC)

Take a read of our 7 top strategies that could help you optimise your conversions and conversion rate from PPC:

1. Keywords

Ensure the keywords you use are focussed to not only building traffic but also to the conversion you want e.g. ‘new boiler quote’, ‘buy curtains online’ etc.

2. Ad Copy

Have you included a call to action in your ad copy? What is it you want the user to do? Indicate it in the copy e.g. ‘Call the team today!’, ‘Shop online’ etc

3 .Landing page

Is the landing page on all devices set up to direct the user to make a conversion? are relevant buttons visible and reachable?

4. Data

Look at your keyword data over time, what words are converting and which are not? Pause those that are not to support cost per action.

5. Costs

Optimise your bid strategy to when your advertising sees the most conversions during the time of the day. Also look at your budget settings are you focussing on clicks or conversions?

6. Device

Prioritise your bid strategy per device. CPC can be less on mobile devices therefore bid strategies should relate to this. Push it when mobile conversions are highest per day. Utilise the account data to form the future.

7. Retargeting

The user journey is ever growing and remarketing via PPC can help support the process to conversion. Build specific audience lists to send specific ad messages too e.g. those who add to basket to don’t buy, remarket a 10% off discount code or similar to capture that conversion.

PPC does not only attract attention, but goes a long way to converting interest into conversions. Conversion optimisation is about looking at what is working, looking at what is not working and taking that all the way through the users journey from searching online to buying online to then make the changes required.

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