SEO In 2013: Why Unique And Fresh Content Is King

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You will have no doubt heard of the saying ‘content is king’ for great SEO (search engine optimisation) results. Although this is true the sentence should be rephrased to ‘unique and fresh content is king’. This is because if you post irrelevant or duplicate content on your website or even worse you don’t update your website with content at all then your website is potentially just a shop window.

Updates such as Google’s Penguin and Panda have improved the user experience for search engine users. The idea behind the ongoing changes have been to reward trustworthy sites, rather than pages merely padded for SEO purposes. In 2013 high-volume, low-quality content will no longer rank well on Google. Instead, Google’s algorithm will lift fresh and trending pages in the search results.

Update your website

Your website needs fresh and high-quality unique content that is regularly updated and added to. Google is trying to place less emphasis on link building and renew link earning. That’s why you see so many SEO companies embracing content marketing and this is only going to increase more over the next 6 to 12 months.

Update your website with content that it is written for the visitors, not for search engines (of course it should contain the relevant keywords) and it needs to be written well. No page on your website needs to remain static.  New information can always be added to your main website pages as existing content that has been updated also qualifies to again become “fresh content” which Google loves.

Google says “Ask yourself what creates value for your users,”. Delivering high quality and informative content is what differentiates you from your competition and defines your web presence.

Quality and unique content that is interesting or useful to readers also has an excellent chance of building an audience and receiving links, further enhancing a website’s ability to rank well for relevant searches. Updating content regularly will encourage Google to return to your website repeatedly so regular indexing on the search engines will cover a wider range of keywords, extending your website coverage and possibilities of strong search returns over a wider range of words.

Turn your website into a place users want to spend their time and with user-friendly content, you will also be adding value to people’s web experience.

Link earning through fresh and unique (relevant) content is the way to do SEO in 2013.


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