Seven Steps That Should Be In Your LinkedIn Strategy

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LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for making business connections, but like any social network, you need to have a strategy in place to make the most of it.

Here are seven steps you should include in your LinkedIn strategy:

  • Optimise your LinkedIn profile

Because LinkedIn profiles rank well in Google, they can often be the first place people go to find out more about you and your business. You’ll need to update your profile regularly so the information is always current, make sure your profile picture is recent and you should use a professional headline that sums up what you do.

You should put a few keywords into your profile too. Don’t overdo it, but make sure you use words that relate to what you do, who you work with and where you do it.

  • Expand your network of connections

The whole point of LinkedIn is that you create a huge network of connections that will help you some time in the future. These might be people you’ve worked with in the past, potential business leads, friends, colleagues and people you’ve got to know on social media.

Each of these people will have their own web of connections that give you access to all sorts of people. Take your time to ask for recommendations and introductions to make the most of your network.

  • Join groups

Taking part in relevant groups can help to position yourself as an influencer and that’s what will make people stand up and take notice of what you do.

  • Post relevant content

If you can post content that helps to solve a problem, again, you can begin to establish yourself as an influencer within your sector. Regular status updates with all sorts of content will keep your audience engaged and will help them to remember your name in the future.

  • Comments, endorsements, and messages

Keep an eye on your connections’ status updates and engage with them. Comment on their activity and endorse the skills of those you’ve worked with. You should also message people to congratulate them on work anniversaries or to thank them for sharing your updates.

  • Create a company profile

Your business should have its own profile. People can follow this to keep up-to-date with your business activities. They don’t need to be one of your connections to see the updates as the information is public.

You’ll need to keep the profile up-to-date with regular postings, just like you would on any social network. You can encourage people to follow the company profile through your own.

  • Announce your presence

Once you have a professional profile and a company page, you should let people know about them. Add links in your email signature, post about them on other social networks and perhaps even add the details to business cards.

All these steps should be in your LinkedIn strategy to help you build valuable connections and spread the word of your business.

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