Should I Go For PPC, SEO Or Both?

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 17 Nov 2014 by Eleanor
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This article looks at whether or not you as a brand require PPC, SEO or both in your marketing mix.

The choice all comes down to the user journey and where you as a company need to be to meet that demand.

So what does your user journey typically look like? Head over to Think with Google and you can see a typical user journey for your industry and your country.

Historically users searched, clicked ad purchased yet now there is too much choice, and to many offers, huge discounts and a lot of competition meaning the buying cycle or lead up to conversion is even longer. Throughout this long journey your potential customer might see a ad in the paper or magazine then go to Google and search (SEO) then look on social media for reviews or comments and then return to Google see a PPC ad with an exceptional or exclusive offer that takes the user straight to the designated landing page to then buy. This would then mean as a brand you need SEO, Social media, and PPC presence!

Many last interactions/conversions end on PPC but what drives that user to PPC? What sets the PPC apart from the SEO?

PPC is real time, ads can be changed in a heartbeat meaning if you want to run a PPC only promotion at ‘50% Off’ you can. SEO is not as reactive however if you were in the search space during the users awareness or consideration period of the buying cycle there is a high chance your SEO efforts went towards assisting the PPC last click conversion.

So the answer is, to do your research, meet your customers demand and beware that users are getting savvy.

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