Should you use humour on your Twitter business page?

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7K0A0075Are you considering using humor with your marketing on Twitter, but you’re not sure if you should?

Humour has long been used by businesses as a marketing tactic, and for good reason. Done correctly, it is a powerful tool for engagement and interaction. Humour is relatable, it is memorable, and it builds trust and many companies (from large corporations to small start-ups) are using it effectively.

Here are 3 top reasons that show that you should use humour on Twitter and useful tips on how to use it:

1. The level of engagement that humour can bring to you is incredible

People love to be entertained on social media, that’s one of the top reasons they use these channels. A brand that knows how to use humour in a smart way that appeals to their audience can see their levels of engagement go up the roof.

In order to use humour that works and engages your audience, make sure you stick to a certain type of humour that your followers appreciate, and make sure you mix the humorous content with other types of content. You can use different types of media for certain days of the week, like a humorous video on Mondays or a funny cartoon on Fridays with the hashtag for example, ‘#FridayFunny.’ See what works for your audience and be consistent.

2. To sell your products and services

Using humour can be a wonderful way to sell your products or services. It can be with a video, a cartoon, a joke, a meme, an image, etc, as long as it appeals to and speaks the same humorous language as your audience.

Using humour is a great way to insert your products or services into your content, showing what they can do for your prospective customers; all this whilst entertaining your audience without feeling like you are selling anything. The traditional advertising industry has been doing this successfully for decades!

3. To enhance your brand awareness

Humorous content and social media are a powerful combination. People love to share funny and humorous content with their peers and it’s not difficult for a humorous piece to become viral on Twitter.

When your followers share your content, that means reaching a wider audience and enhancing your brand awareness, attracting more followers and potential customers.

You can use humour in your content and also use it on paid adverts.

So here you have it, three quick and easy reasons and tips to get your audience smiling, laughing and engaging with your content. Use these tips to engage with your followers and fans on a level that can make your brand more human and more approachable.

We’d very much love to hear your own ideas on what funny content make your audience laugh on Twitter. Share it with us in the comment section below.

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