Skipping Video Ads – Here’s What To Do About It

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 16 Mar 2017 by Shima Khanea
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We can all agree that sometimes there are just too many ads in one place, pop-ups, takeovers, online ads that atomically start playing that interrupt you when you’re watching a video on YouTube or another platform. The “pre-roll” online ad format is by far the most popular, this is when the ad starts playing before a video and is in most cases possible to skip after you’ve watched a couple of seconds of it. It has become a habit for us to naturally click skip, it’s almost as if it’s become an ingrained behaviour, perhaps because it has for the majority of us. Why watch an ad for 30 seconds when it is possible to skip it?

So what can you do to ensure your target audience want to watch your entire ad to see and hear what you want to say?

A Story

Having a great story is the best approach, by taking your audience through a memorable story, beyond an ad that simply just focuses on the product they should buy but what they will get out of it. If your message is “buy, buy, buy”, people will be less inclined to spend time watching your entire advert, however, if it offers purpose and something they would benefit from or relate to then they are more likely to sit through and take in the whole ad.


Know Your Target Audience

Who is your audience? Hopefully, you’ll have the answer to this question. If not, it’s vital you take time learning who your audience is before creating any advert.  By targeting people who already know your brand, are consumers, or potential consumers, they will be less likely to skip your ads because they are more inclined to want to hear what you have to say. Ensuring you always keep your target audience in mind when creating the advert is also essential, don’t just focus on the message you want to portray but also what they would like to know more about.



As humans, emotions are something that affects all of us. Being able to create an emotional connection with your audience will be beneficial, this will ensure that they continue watching your advert longer. When you connect emotionally with your viewers, they feel more engaged in comparison to those who watched an advert with not many emotions. You will also be more memorable if your story peaks earlier on in the video ad than later on. Remember, our attention span is very short if you don’t capture your viewers quickly, they will stop watching as soon as they can.

Video adverts are becoming available on a wide range of social media platforms and not just YouTube and similar platforms. Snapchat offers the possibility to do 360-degree ads, in the future Facebook will offer the option of showing your ads during Facebook live videos. So it’s even more important to ensure your ads aren’t being skipped as soon as possible, by following these three steps, your ads should hopefully receive more and longer views.

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