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How Social Media for Charities Can Be a Force for Good

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How can charities succeed on social media? What are the ways that social media can be a force for good?

There are so many aspects to consider when it comes to managing social media for charities and non-profits. Whilst you’re spinning plates in the charity sector and so many non-profits are creating amazing content online, how can you make sure you stand out? What are the benefits for charities online? Read on to find out the main ways social media can benefit any charity or non-profit.

What are the benefits of social media for charities and non-profits?

You may wonder why your charity needs to be on social media when so much of your work is happening offline in the community. Whether it is creating free resources for your client base, raising awareness about your cause, or taking back control by diversifying your income streams, social media can be a very empowering tool for any charity.

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Fundraising on Social Media for Charities

It can be difficult for charities to have control over where their funding is sourced from. Government grants and trust funds can often come with limiting clauses and there is little security whether these funding sources will roll over from one year to the next. By diversifying your income streams through fundraising on social media, you can protect your charity’s future for many years to come. Produce a fundraising pack that people can easily access with all the helpful information to support them to get involved.

Ways to fundraise on social media:

• Birthday fundraisers
• Crowdfunding campaigns
• Discount collaborations with brands
• Viral video challenges
• Live social media events
• Pledge campaigns

How Does Social Media Help Raise Awareness for Charities?

Social media can be a wonderful way to raise awareness of your charity’s cause. You can create authentic content to build an engaged audience and nurture your supporters to stay invested in the long term. Consider the different paths a supporter may take so you can make sure you catch their attention at each step:

• Lead supporters to your website through quality blog posts
• Develop easy sign-up points for email marketing
• Promote the impact that donations can make with cost breakdowns and client stories
• Build meaningful and engaging social media campaigns that empower your client base and supporters

Example: We love the way Young Minds UK creates meaningful content to support young people’s mental health and self-care.

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Additional Resources for Your Charity’s Client Base

There are multiple opportunities to create additional resources for your client base on social media. You can organise live webinars, answer important questions generated through stories and comments, and develop downloadable worksheets and resources. Think colouring books, journal prompts or helpful information such as this lovely colouring book for survivors.


If you are wondering how to take your charity’s social media further and want to learn more about how to make a real impact, please feel welcome to contact us to understand the ways we support and empower charities to grow their presence online. Make sure to check out our training courses specifically developed with charities in mind.

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