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golfing-78257_640Recently the publication Golf Club Management highlighted social media as one of the top golf club trends of 2014. Social media is indeed nowadays being largely used as a marketing strategy in the sports industry in general and in the golf sector in particular.

Many golf clubs have successfully decided to jump on the social media bandwagon in 2014 making it a very wise decision when it comes to maintaining and engaging with their existing club members, but also to attract a younger audience too.

So what exactly are the reasons golf clubs are using social media and using it to their advantage?

Appeal to a younger demographic

It is pretty clear that golf clubs need to attract and appeal to young people.

A poll of golfers under the age of 35 in 2014 found that 80% of them use Facebook and 64% of them use Twitter on a daily basis. This provides golf clubs with a fantastic place to attract and engage with these potential members trough the use of interesting and valuable content like posting breathtaking pictures of golf courses, tournaments or writing articles with valuable golf tips.

A fantastic opportunity to connect with a younger demographic that might not happen elsewhere.

Engage the older members

A poll found that 40% of golfers over the age of 55 are also very active on social media. By using social media golf clubs are maintaining their existing relationships with their elderly members by sharing valuable information like course conditions, tournaments, pictures, news, tips, and even sharing their member’s pictures!

Some golf clubs even have a big pool of brand advocates on social media that are loyal members to the club. They not only love the club, which is an important part of their social lives, but they’re also very keen to engage with the club’s social media updates, commenting and sharing their content, which helps tremendously with the club’s marketing efforts!

This is a great strategy to connect and maintain a relationship with existing members, especially for local clubs that rely heavily on word-of-mouth and referrals.

Attract a larger audience

On social media you can use specific keywords and hashtags related to your product. This is key to reach golfers that are online searching for where they want to spend their next golf break.

If a golf club is active on social media, building a strong reputation can lead them to attract this kind of audience. If the club is sharing exciting content it can create a buzz surrounding their products, making them want to visit the club. It is human nature to want to be part of “something exciting”!

Clubs that are not on social media nowadays are really missing big shots on creating brand awareness and engaging members.

If you’re a golf club, being on social media means making sure your members continue to be connected to your golf course even when they’re not physically there.

Ready to take your next shot on social media?

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