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Hot topic of the moment, Facebook Messenger, is on the agenda once more, as is Twitter and it’s latest string of efforts to draw more people to the platform, and this week, we have an app release from LinkedIn. gets a makeoverTwitter logged out homepage

Twitter has made a change to its desktop homepage. Every day hundreds of
thousands of people visit Twitter to connect with not just the digital community, but with news across the world. This new homepage is designed to attract the hundreds of thousands of people who don’t visit the site, to get them signed up and logged in.

The new homepage design gives ‘logged-out’ users a taste of what Twitter has to offer. Twitter states that it is “making a big change for the many millions of people who visit every month who don’t log in, but still want to know what’s happening.”

Previously, the homepage didn’t have much to offer, just a prompt to ‘login’ or ‘sign up’. Now, it invites users to ‘See what is happening right now.’ It is populated with topics to explore, such as Tech Blogs, TV shows, Travel guides, and more. Clicking on any of these topics will offer you a rich, real-time timeline of fresh tweets from some of the most popular accounts in that topic, similar to the Twitter experience for users with Twitter accounts.

This promises to be a great way to give ‘logged-out’ users a taste of Twitter, but with all this on offer without creating an account, will they sign up?

LinkedIn Elevate; the new app designed to get professionals to share company content

LinkedIn’s launch of new app Elevate iElevate-Content-shares a big move for the platform; it gives companies the power to harness some of their strongest brand advocates: their employees. The app allows employees to schedule posts when their networks are most active. Elevate uses algorithmic recommendations, as well as human suggestions, to suggest content employees should share that is relevant to them and their company.

The platform is designed to increase social conversations about companies, and drive company page views. LinkedIn says that when a LinkedIn member shares content, receive profile views and make new connections, which helps them strengthen their professional brands. At the same time, the company they work for receives job views, Company Page views, and Company Page followers. LinkedIn Elevate offers an easy platform to provide employees with a relevant, easily accessible, steady stream of content that they will want to share.

It also offers insightful analytics tools for employees and companies, allowing users to see reach, likes, comments and reshares on their shared content.

We are interested to see where this will lead. New users are often off-put from LinkedIn as inciting engagement is more difficult than other platforms. Perhaps this is a step towards making LinkedIn a more readily ‘social’ platform.

Facebook is testing the ‘Sidebar Status’ on Messenger

sidebar statusReminiscent of the IM era of the nineties and naughties, Facebook is testing out an ‘away’ message on Messenger, but under a new guise, the ‘sidebar status’.

This is a short message that allows iOS and Android users to let other users know what they are up to whilst they are away from their keyboard. Facebook allows you to select from a range of picture icons to accompany your sidebar status. Your messages show up only in the sidebar, not in the News Feed or on your profile, and they expire after 12 hours. Just as with status updates and your profile, you also have strict privacy control over who can see your sidebar status.

Your sidebar status messages appear most prominently for your ‘favorites,’ a list of friends generated by Facebook, based on who you message most. You can also pin your favorites to the top, and scroll down to see other friends’ updates.

Twitter and Instagram used to get a bad wrap (and sometimes till do) for facilitating over-sharing of what people had for breakfast, and putting an artisan filter on it. Perhaps this is a throwback to those early days, but even the sidebar status does become a way of over-sharing to our close friends, at least it takes it out of the News Feed.


Have you heard of any other hot social media news this week? What are your thoughts on these updates? Let us know @SocialBuk

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