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Social Media Roundup ft. Facebook Updates Video & LinkedIn Gives More Publishing Control

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In social media this week, Facebook updates video and Linkedin gives more control when publishing.

Facebook Facebook Video 2

Video, is an essential part of a digital and social media strategy and Facebook have made further changes to increase engagement and to make it more appealing to digital marketers. In the first of two announcements this week, Facebook have confirmed that more metrics will be available for video advertising including how many milliseconds a video advert was on the screen. Alongside this, there will also be an increased audit and third party verification and new video advertising options across Facebook and Instagram including being able to purchase sound on video ads and completed view where advertisers will only pay if video ads have been viewed in their entirety.

A couple of days later Facebook also announced several changes for videos in a users news feed. Since auto-play was introduced videos have automatically started playing as a user scrolls through their news feed but they have always played silently unless clicked. In a gradual rollout, videos will soon start to play with sound which will fade in and out as users scroll. If a users phone is set to silent then the video will also stay silent and you can disable the new feature in settings. Vertical videos, which show a larger more enticing preview rather than the regular Facebook square view are also now available to everyone on iOS and Android. Watch and scroll is another new feature allowing users to minimise the video that they are watching and drag it into any corner so that they can carry on watching while they scroll through their newsfeed. On Android, you can continue to play the video even if you exit the app. These changes have been tested by Facebook and have all shown an increase in engagement.

Finally, Facebook have announced a new video app for TV. Rolling out soon to all app stores for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung Smart TV with “more platforms to come” the app follows on from the introduction of the ability to stream from Facebook and will allow users to watch videos from friends and Pages, catch up on saved videos or watch top and recommended videos from across the world.

Facebook Video 1


LinkedIn have already made several changes to their publishing platform over the last few months and this week they have announced some changes to how you can manage comments as publishers can now disable or enable comments for their long-form articles. Comments can be turned on or off whenever you want and if you turn off comments all existing comments will be deleted. Although this is only available for long-form articles at the moment the option will soon be added to all posts. LinkedIn have also made it easier to flag abusive or offensive comments with a report option available in the “more” icon on the top right of a comment.LinkedIn Comments

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