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Social Media Roundup Ft. Facebook’s Expanded Measurement Tools, A Fake News Tag & More

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In social media this week Facebook expands measurement and adds tools to combat fake news and Microsoft closes

Facebook Measurement

Facebook have announced that they will be expanding the measurement tools and metrics that are available to advertisers. Full details of the tools which are being tested haven’t been released but Facebook has confirmed that they will be available through Facebook Business Manager and will focus on reach and attribution for Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. The new tools are powered by Atlas and were originally available only through Atlas but are now being gradually integrated into Facebook. Facebook have committed to making the tools available around the world in the coming year. Understanding your audience and how your content reaches and engages with them is key to success on Facebook. Further metrics and measurement tools could help businesses to increase their reach but we will have to wait and see what new tools are available and how they can help businesses further understand their audience.

Facebook Fake News Tag

Following on from criticism of their handling of fake news, particularly in the recent US presidential election, Facebook has made further attempts to control it with the quiet introduction of a ‘disputed’ tag for users to report stories which they deem to be inaccurate. The new tag, originally spotted and reported by Gizmodo, shows flagged stories and confirms which independent fact checking organisation has reviewed it and found it to possibly be inaccurate or ‘disputed’. Facebook haven’t said when the tag will be visible to all (only a few in the US are able to see it at the moment) or how long it will take to check flagged stories. Facebook also haven’t provided information on how it will affect rankings if at all, or how far it will go in terms of censorship. A dedicated help page has been set up but this is only available to those who can see the tag so isn’t available to all users yet.  Facebook has always strived to remain as apolitical as possible and to protect their user’s rights to express their opinions. The tag, however, may not go far enough for some but could be a step too far for others.


Remember For those of you who don’t remember it, was created by Microsoft and launched in 2011 as a social platform for sharing collages, collections, posts, video and riffs (conversations). For those who do remember it you only have a few days left to use it as Microsoft has announced that they are “saying goodbye” to from March 15th. Whilst many may try and take on the social media giants even large companies like Microsoft don’t manage it.


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