Social Media Weekly RoundUp, ft. Google & Twitter, YouTube Cards & Pinterest Cinematic Pins

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This week’s news and updates focuses on ads and search and it is good news for the social media marketers amongst us!

Google and Twitter have teamed up 

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This week, Google and Twitter have teamed up in releasing a long-rumoured and awaited update that allows Tweets to appear directly in Google Search Results, on both iOS and Android.

This means great things for both users and for Twitter. For users, it means that finding relevant Twitter content for your needs has become much easier and more efficient, as you no longer have to go directly into Twitter to look up specific accounts, hashtags, or tweets. For Twitter, it tackles a long-standing problem that the platform has faced: helping the platform reach a wider audience, and expanding its influence outside of the platform itself.

Google & Twitter announced that the feature will begin to appear in English on shortly, although it will be a gradual rollout to other languages and desktop search.

YouTube Improves Interactive Cards with TrueView

Ads within YouTube Videos are set to get even more powerful for advertisers. YouTube Cards, which were released back in March, are videos which feature within the YouTube player whilst a user is watching a video. They show up as a small pop-up at a time during the video designated by the creator. There are currently six card types: merchandise, fundraising, video links, playlist links, associated websites and fan funding. Marketers and other YouTubers set them up in the video editor with an image, a URL and a call to action, and monitor them in YouTube Analytics.

However, the new feature that we are interested in today is TrueView. Expanding on the Cards function explained above, TrueView facilitates a direct link to the products displayed in an ad, taking users to the relevant page on the advertiser’s/brand’s website. These ads also work on both mobile and desktop, making it easier for viewers to learn more about a product or make a purchase.

pinterest cloudsPinterest dips into the hot-topic world of video advertising

With 47 million monthly users, Pinterest is a popular platform with a wealth of potential. However, so far the platform has not delved so deeply into paid advertising as other social media platforms have.

This week, Pinterest announced that it is rolling out a new take on the video ad with its Cinematic Pins. These will work similarly to their current singular form of advertising, Promoted Pins, in that they are designed to blend in with other pins in the feed, however the difference being that they are motion based pins.

Never one to follow the crowd, Pinterest has taken its own slant on video advertising, as unlike Facebook’s video ads for example, these pins won’t play automatically. Pinterest wants users to be in control of their experience within the platform, whilst enhancing the storytelling capabilities for brands. The look and motion is more like that of a GIF, when a user scrolls, the image moves, and when a user stops, the image stops.

Much less in your face than a Facebook video, but will it be as effective?


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