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In this week’s RoundUp, we have an unexpected, yet long-awaited update from Google+, trouble in live-streaming paradise with an update from Meerkat, and Facebook breaks its silence and reveals some exciting changes for marketers.

Meerkat is breaking away from TwitterMeerkat

Following a development by hot-topic live-streaming app, Meerkat, it seems that we are seeing the effects of the release of its main competitor, Periscope.

Initially, Meerkat videos were streamed directly into Twitter, exclusively. Meerkat users were required to have a Twitter account in order to be able to create their own live streams and broadcast them across Twitter.

However, in a move that many predicted after the launch of Twitter’s own live-streaming app Periscope, Meerkat has expanded its settings and added Facebook support to its iOS app. Along with a few other recent feature updates, this significantly reduces the app’s reliance on Twitter. It also allows Meerkat to get around one of the biggest stumbling blocks it has faced in its short life – soon after the app launched, Twitter cut off Meerkat’s access to its social graph. Now, with access to Facebook, users can more easily expand their contacts within the app.

The question on our mind is, given that Twitter owns Periscope, how will it compete with Meerkat’s move into Facebook?

G+ CollectionsGoogle+ Introduces Themed Collections

This is a platform that hasn’t featured very much in our weekly roundups so far. Google+ has been quietly running in the background of the buzz of releases, updates and new features from various other platforms all vying for the top spot. Recently, however, Google+ has received an unexpected makeover with Google+ Collections.

The structure and functionality of Google+ Collections will seem somewhat familiar to the Pinners amongst you. This is because it allows users to dedicate a Google+ Collection page to a topic of their choice, and users can then follow these Collections, which is very similar to Pinterest Boards.

In a G+ post, the platform revealed their motivation behind the change: “Our happiest Google+ users are those who connect with others around shared interests and passions. So we set out to give people a place to express the things they love.”

Pinterest is fast becoming a fantastic marketing tool, particularly, for example, for eCommerce businesses. In recent months there has been much speculation that Google+ was slowly on its way out, but we think this is an exciting move by the platform and suggests that they are trying to put themselves back on the map.

Targeting International Travellers on Facebook

Great news for travel industry businesses and marketers: Facebook has improved its targeting capabilities yet further, to the benefit of the travel industry.

Facebook have headed the new move with the tagline, ‘They’re on the road. Be on their minds.’ Facebook have spotted the gap in their targeting settings. Many Facebook users check their profiles when they are on the move, and many business travellers are constantly doing so, to keep in touch with home. Now, you can target these travellers with a tailored ad, and Facebook have promised that your travel-related ad will reach an audience who will be most likely to react to your call-to-action.

Facebook Video AdsFacebook Play

Facebook continues to take on Google Ads and their latest move has marketers speculating whether Facebook will surpass Google, as it is on track to start winning more new ad dollars than Google.

Any digital marketer knows the value of video, the potential reach and engagement of a video is very broad. This is why Facebook’s recent announcement of the release of Video Ads is great news for digital marketers.

Facebook has gradually been expanding the functionality of paid ads service. Earlier this year we saw the release of its scrolling product ads; business pages saw a significantly higher CTR with these than the alternative form of paid Facebook ads.

Video ads benefit from the same functionality as other forms of ads, including targeting, budgeting and optimisation across all devices. We are excited to see how this update alters the dynamic of Facebook paid advertising.


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