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Not such a busy week on the updates front this week, however there have still been some pretty notable changes taking place across Twitter and Facebook. This week it’s all about desktop; here is the need-to-know info from the past week in social media:

Twitter users can now Retweet with Comment

A handy feature, which has long been in existence for mobile app users, has come to the desktop version of Twitter, but now it is even better.

The social media platform has made it possible for users to not only ‘quote retweet’, as was previously possible only on the mobile app, but now desktop users can ‘embed’ a tweet and add their own commentary.

Chanel quote retweet
Source: Twitter


Previously, if a user wished to quote another user’s tweet with their own comment, they would have to copy and paste the original tweet, add their comment, make sure the whole thing was under 140 characters, lose some of the content, and generally create a bit of a headache for themselves. This latest feature dodges all of that messing around. You simply hit ‘retweet’ and are prompted for your own comment, which then appears neatly over the embedded original tweet.

We feel that this is a neat and tidy looking development from Twitter, but, as with any update, it has been met with some controversy. What are your thoughts?

Facebook launches Messenger desktop is the home of the new standalone messenger site for desktop users of Facebook. Just like the Messenger app, it is a completely separate domain from the main Facebook site. This update follows a series of updates from Facebook, which all lead to Messenger transforming into a more than just a messaging service; it is becoming a communications hub.

Desktop Messenger
Source: Mashable


The new service has a very similar look and feel to the Messenger app, however it doesn’t yet have all the new features that are lined up for the app, as announced at Facebook’s F8 conference. Unlike the app, users won’t be forced away from the main desktop site to use Messenger, which has been the case for the app since last autumn. However, we don’t imagine it will be long before the desktop site heads down the same path as the Messenger app… do you?

Twitter is revamping Basic Search

Some users will have noticed that the search function on their desktop Twitter profile looks a little different. This is because Twitter has been testing out a sleek, clean, user-friendly new design for search on desktop.

The new layout simplifies and compartmentalises the search process. It includes tabs across the top of the screen; ‘Top’ filters tweets by popularity and trending tweets, ‘Live’ is the new ‘All’ showing tweets as and when they are posted, just like the main twitter feed, then you have ‘Accounts’ as the new version of ‘People’, and finally you can filter out all non-visual content with ‘Photos’ and ‘Videos’. You can also limit searches to people you follow, or tweets near you, under the ‘More Options’ tab.

Following Twitter’s launch of ‘Advanced Search’ last year, it seems that the platform is slowly trying to improve its search function experience for users. It hasn’t been released to everyone just yet, and perhaps never will be, as Twitter often tests out new features on small groups of users before settling on the end result. What do you think of this new layout? Would you like it to roll out to all users?

Have you heard of any other updates this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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