Social Media Weekly RoundUp, ft. Saved Replies, GIF Support, Facebook Lite & Maps

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Having been quiet for a few weeks now, Facebook has come back and is making some real noise within the social media world, so our focus this week is purely on this social media giant.

Facebook “Saved Replies”

Widely used for business purposes, Facebook’s latest idea could be very useful for this demographic of users. The social media platform is testing out a new feature on Messenger, which allows business page owners to create, save and re-use “Saved Replies” to correspond with their customers. There are also a number of pre-set canned responses available to be used.

If you carry out email marketing, some of these features and concepts will be familiar to you. One such feature allows users to give these messages a personal touch, using auto-populating placeholders to insert the customers name for example.

We imagine this feature will come in very handy for providing customer service via social media, as it will significantly reduce the response time for busy pages. Facebook is currently testing this feature out with just a few users, but we are hoping it is released across all accounts soon.

How would this feature benefit your business?

Facebook rolls out Facebook LiteFBLite_Hero

At the F8 conference, Facebook announced that they wished to make the world a more open and connected place. Following this statement, the platform has quietly rolled out a new version of their Android App in a handful of countries, designed to tap into emerging markets.

Beginning in Asia, Facebook revealed in the Newsroom Blog that it aims to provide “a reliable Facebook experience when bandwidth is at a minimum”. This release means that users from all over the world will be able to have the same high-quality in-app performance as users in high bandwidth areas. It is stripped down to the bare-bones Facebook experience, removing features such as Messenger, leaving users with just the core experience.

Facebook brings back GIF support

Historically, Facebook has avoided GIF support on within the Newsfeed and Timeline, as it felt the experience would feel too chaotic for users, with fears that the site would end up filled with low-quality memes, which Facebook felt would devalue the user experience. The platform has chosen to focus its energy on video. Its recent introduction of auto-playing videos in 2013, and Twitter’s introduction of GIF support in 2014, left many users’ wondering why the platform was still holding back on joining the party.

This week, however, Facebook confirmed that it will now support animated GIFs in the News Feed. Users will be able to paste a link to an externally hosted GIF (from sites like Tumblr) and this will be animated when published. Unfortunately, at present users are unable to upload GIFs directly into the platform, and this feature does not currently work on business pages or ads. It is rolling out across standard pages.

Facebook Maps


Whatsapp users amongst you will find this feature somewhat familiar. In a series of updates to Messenger, we have seen this app turning into far more than just a chat app.

Sharing your location on Messenger has been a feature for some time now. Now, however, Facebook has expanded this feature to enable users to share any location they wish. For example, if you have made arrangements to meet, but your friend doesn’t know how to find the meeting point, you can search for this location and share it, all without leaving the Messenger app.

Whereas previously sharing your location within Messenger was an on/off decision, now Facebook stated in the Newsroom Blog that “with this update, you have full control over when and how you share your location information. You only send a location when you tap on the location pin and then choose to send it as a separate message.”

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Images sourced from Facebook Newsroom.

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