Social Media Weekly RoundUp ft. 360-Degree Videos, Instagram’s 400M Milestone, Twitter’s Global Reach & Video App Card

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roundupThis week’s RoundUp sees Instagram celebrate their continued growth with 400 million users. Twitter has been busy reaching out to even more international tweeters and they’ve introduced a Video App Card, while Facebook has launched 360-degree videos into our news feeds to keep us entertained from all angles with exclusive content.

Facebook introduce 360-degree videos

Say hello to 360-degree videos in your Facebook News Feed and some very happy Star Wars fans, as one of the first 360 degree videos available is a trip through the Jakku desert from the upcoming film ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’. You can choose whatever angle you want to see it from, either by dragging your cursor or finger around on a mobile device. Try holding your phone up and turn around too, it’s pretty impressive.

This next level of video content is certainly taking off, with Facebook following on from YouTube who introduced 360-degree videos earlier this year.

Instagram celebrates 400 million users

Continuing their growth Instagram hit 400 million monthly active users this week, less than a year after crossing the 300 million mark. With more than 80 million photos posted every day, Instagram has seen the most recent growth in international users, with 75% of the app’s users living outside of the U.S.

Whilst Instagram has a way to go to catch up with Facebook at a billion monthly active users, it’s certainly giving Twitter a run for their money with Twitter only passing the 300 million mark in April.

Twitter expands their global reach

Twitter has announced that it’s expanding support of Twitter into six more languages, so before long users will be able to tweet in Bulgarian, Croatian, Catalan, Greek, Serbian, and Slovak.

Twitter’s multi-language offering relies on a mix of volunteer translators and moderators who work to develop language interfaces (not translating individual tweets themselves), but making it easier for users in different markets to access and utilise Twitter.

This week, Twitter also offered some advice to business wanting to reach out to global markets with Twitter Ads by suggesting they add a few sentences, or even creating entire ads, in other relevant languages to show you understand and appreciate new markets.

Twitter Video App Card

Advertisers can now use the power of video to promote their mobile apps on Twitter. The Video App Card shows people a preview of your app, which, Twitter says, results in attracting higher quality app installs, getting a more educated and more qualified user.

The Video App Card auto-plays in timelines to engage audiences with attention-grabbing content while connecting with users in a format that they know well. Using Twitter’s armoury of targeting tools you can reach the people most likely to be interested in your app, at the right time.


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