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This week our roundup will branch a little into the digital world, as well as the social media world, as one significant announcement needs to be discussed. Read on for the most notable social and digital updates of the past week.

G is for Googlegoogle lego

In an unexpected move, tech giant, Google, is rebranding itself under a new holding company named Alphabet. Google will hereafter be Alphabet’s largest wholly owned subsidiary. It seems that this latest move is largely focussed on attaining new investors – and it is already working. Wall St. felt an immediate response to Google’s announcement, with its shares soaring by 5% initially.

Since its launch 16 years ago as simply a search engine, Google has grown into so much more than that. Now a tech conglomerate with medical devices, mobile devices, driverless cars, drones, and much more, many investors are reluctant to involve themselves, as it is often unclear whether they will be supporting the company’s core projects, or whether their money will be spent on these ‘moonshot’ projects.

Despite all of these different branches of the company, Google is still often seen as just a search company, which can be detrimental to investment and progress. This rebrand allows Google’s various subsidiaries to function under their own guise, separating themselves from the company’s core beginnings as a search engine.

Founders Page and Brin will still be in control, owning the majority share of Alphabet, as such will still be able to continue their experimental ventures such as the driverless cars, but they will keep their investors happy by keeping Google’s core intact.

Twitter drops 140 character limit in DMs

Social media networking site, Twitter, announced in recent months that they would remove the standard 140 character limit from Direct Messages. However, as with a lot of Twitter updates, we were left wondering when this change would materialise. Well, the time is now. Twitter has announced that this change will come about next Wednesday when the updated feature will begin rolling out across Android, iOS and desktop.

An ongoing struggle for this platform has been to keep users within the network. With such constraints on Tweets and messages, users would often leave the platform to continue conversations elsewhere, just one of many reasons why Twitter has difficulty keeping the platform ‘sticky’. With this amendment, users will be more compelled to continue conversations within Twitter. In a climate dominated by Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, in which instant mobile messaging is so rife and easy, this was a move that Twitter really needed to make.

Twitter’s continued improvement and updates show determination to prove the platform’s longevity, but will it stick?

Periscope-logoLive streaming copyright ambiguity

A recently released report from parent company Twitter revealed that it has received demands within the thousands for illegal streams to be removed from live-streaming app, Periscope, under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The platform revealed that it has been forced to comply with 71% of these notices, which brings into question the validity and longevtiy of live streaming.

A factor that has worried marketers and brands alike from launch day, is that live streaming offers the capability and potential for users to stream copyright controlled content, which in turn allows users to illegally view events or footage that they haven’t paid for and/or aren’t entitled to view. This was apparent from Periscope’s debut weekend, when the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao boxing fight, for which many attendees paid in the hundreds of thousands for tickets, was live streamed and broadcast across Twitter, with Twitter’s user base tuning in for free.

Unless measures are put in place to control this, we fear that live streaming’s hay day may come to a close sooner than anticipated, so we are intrigued to see how Periscope tackles these figures and placates its user base and brands alike.


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