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Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Facebook Instant Games, Telegram & Pinterest’s Tried It

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 02 Dec 2016 by Amy Hobson
Social Media

In social media this week Facebook and Messenger get Instant Games,Telegram launches Telegraph and Pinterest introduces a ‘tried it’ feature.

Instant Games

Following the success of this summer’s basketball game which has been played 1.2 billion times, Instant Games has been launched in the Messenger app and in Facebook’s News Feed. Available on the latest update and with newer operating systems, the 17 games that are now playable include classics like Space Invaders and Pac-man and newer games like Words with Friends Frenzy. On Facebook, an Instant Games bookmark is available to view and replay your favourites and scores can be shared onto leader boards and in-context chats. More games and more ways to play have been promised and Instant Games are available in 30 countries including the UK. Challenge your friends and make gaming more social.


Earlier this year, German based encrypted messaging service Telegram announced that they had over 100 million monthly active users and they have continued to grow. This week they announced the launch of Telegraph, their new blog platform. Unlike WordPress or Tumblr, all you have to do is go to and start writing. No registration is required and blogs are completely anonymous. You can add images and photos easily and don’t have to have a Telegram account to start blogging. If you do have one your blog will appear as a quick loading Instant View page (similar to Facebook’s Instant Articles). On the plus side, you can start blogging quickly and easily without having to design or set up a page. On the downside you don’t get your own blog as such, just content you can share with a URL. Although the blogs are anonymous you do have to provide a name in the name field and there is nothing to stop someone using any name so it could be open to abuse.


Pinterest has always been a great way to find and explore new ideas and the new tried it feature allows users to keep track of what they’ve tried and leave feedback for others. By tapping the new checkmark users can leave feedback, make notes and add photos for other Pinners which can been seen on the Pin itself.   Any Pins that are checked will be in a section on a Pinners profile so they can revisit them. The new feature is rolling out now and in the coming weeks. For businesses, this could be a way of making your Pins more interactive and adding an extra layer to the Pins that you create. Create the right content for your audience and they are more likely to try it and leave comments for other Pinners to see.


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