Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Facebook Live Video & Insights, WhatsApp Data Share & Peach Updates

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In social media this week, Facebook rolls out live video and improves Insights, WhatsApp reveals a closer link to Facebook and Peach makes some improvements.

Facebook Live Video

At the end of the 2015, Facebook made Live available to all verified users and this week they have taken the next step and announced a roll out of Live to all users in the US via iPhone.

Live video can be shared by tapping on the Live icon – during your broadcast you can see who is watching, view real time comments and when your broadcast is finished it will be saved on your Timeline. It isn’t available in the UK yet but Facebook have promised it will be rolled out over the coming months.

With predictions that video will increasingly dominate social media content, Facebook have taken a large step forward against Twitter owned Periscope to corner the live streaming market. Live video as a marketing tool could be extremely valuable for businesses to really showcase products, events, personality and brand to their existing and potential customers.

How Periscope and others respond and how popular it is to Facebook’s loyal fans will be interesting to watch in the coming weeks.

Facebook Insights

Facebook Actions on Page - SocialB BlogAn improvement has crept into Insights over the last couple of weeks which now allows you to monitor in detail any actions made through your page. From the Insights tab you can select Actions on Page which now shows you how many clicks you have had on Get Directions, Phone Number, Website and Call to Action buttons.

Facebook promised great things when it introduced the Call to Action buttons and encouraged page owners to incorporate them. These changes to Insights now allow you to see how successful they really are within Facebook.


On the back of last weeks announcement that it was removing the subscription fee but still promising an ad free experience, investigations into the Beta version of WhatsApp for Android reveals a possible money making solution.

whatsappA new option which allows you to opt in to share your user data with Facebook “to improve my Facebook experiences’ could suggest that WhatsApp have found an alternative to adverts. Neither Facebook nor WhatsApp have commented but this could be one of the test tools that WhatsApp alluded to in their announcement last week.


Peach, the new social media app on the block, has already issued updates to its platform. Users can now add a bio, share animated shouts and changes have been made to the updates feed making it more instinctive to use. Not surprisingly new magic words have also been introduced – Image, Throwback, Mood, Caption and Noise are all in the latest version.

The jury is still out on whether or not Peach will be able to sustain its initial popularity but with more users and brands joining the platform, the future could be peachy!

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