Social Media Weekly RoundUp ft. Facebook Messages, Notifications, Twitter Analytics Hub

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laptop-designingIn social media news this week, Facebook ditches a long-hated messaging feature and revamps a long-loved and untouched existing feature, and Twitter’s recent announcement suggests further attempts to draw in more advertising revenue with new ‘Brand Hub’.

Facebook ‘Other’ Messages Folder

To the delight of many users across the world, what was reportedly Facebook’s most hated feature is set to be scrapped, according to a recent announcement from the social media network. This feature has long been questioned and considered simply an annoyance, as many users weren’t even aware of its existence.

This week, the platform announced that it will be phasing out this in the coming days. It is due to be replaced with a new function called ‘Message Requests’. Simply put, the recipient of a message (from someone they are not Facebook friends with) will receive a notification and a preview of said message, with the option to either ‘Ignore’ or ‘Accept’. Once accepted, subsequent messages, will appear as normal in the user’s inbox.

Facebook Notifications Tab

Through the many changes made to Facebook, both desktop and mobile, over recent years, one thing that has remained relatively constant is the notifications tab. This week, however, the platform announced that it is rolling out a new look for the tab on mobile devices in the coming weeks.

The aim is for the notifications tab to be more of a useful personalised suite with reminders about the days events, for example, it will notify you if one of your connections is attending an event near you that day, or if you like a sports team you may see a notification for an upcoming game. Other information included will be friends’ birthdays and life events, sports scores and TV show reminders. These posts and events will appear in the form of cards.

As with most features in Facebook, users will have a degree of control over the content that appears here, as they will be able to customise the kinds of notifications they see.

Twitter Analytics Hub

In recent months, Twitter has been focusing its efforts largely on better monetizing the platform, by attracting more brands to use Twitter ads. As such, the social media network has revealed ‘Brand Hub’ social listening analytics, designed to give brands a central place to see and hear the conversations going on around their business and sector. This new feature will measure metrics such as organic reach, sentiment and other social signals.

This latest feature is no longer in beta testing, however, it is still currently limited to a few chosen brands. We hope that this will roll out across the platform to all users, as it promises to be a very useful business tool.

Have you heard about any other key updates this week? Let us know in the comments below, or join us on Twitter.

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