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Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Facebook Messenger, Twitter GIFs, Instagram & Facebook People Insights & Pizza Hut Messenger Bot

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In social media this week, Facebook Messenger tests secret conversations, Twitter increase the size of GIFs, Pizza Hut announce a new way of ordering socially and People Insights are available from Instagram and Facebook.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger have announced that they are testing the ability to create one-to-one secret conversations.

The messages created using the new secret option will only be readable on one device belonging to who you are communicating with. There is a also ‘self destruct’ option that allows you to set a timer for how long each message remains visible.

Secret Conversations Facebook MessengerThe testing is only limited for now and doesn’t include GIFs, videos, payments or other features. More features have been promised for the summer once the testing has been completed.

With Facebook Messenger making it clear that they want to increase their users interaction with brands and businesses the encryption option could be particularly important for payments and for the passing of confidential information.

Twitter GIFs

Twitter has increased the maximum size of GIFs that can be uploaded on the web from 5MB to 15MB. Although Twitter haven’t officially announced the change, the sizes have been updated in their frequently asked questions. Mobile is still only 5MB and photos on web and mobile have also remained unchanged at 5MB.

Coupled with other recent changes and announcements including longer video uploads and the removal of links and images from the 140 character limit, Twitter are working hard to remove logistical barriers to use the platform.

Pizza Hut Messenger Bot

In a recent announcement, Pizza Hut joined Burger King with the creation of a Messenger Bot to place orders. In what their CEO, Baron Concors described as a commitment to “servicing our customers in the most convenient way”, Pizza Hut’s social ordering will be available on both Facebook Messenger and Twitter in the Autumn.

With more and more brands and businesses likely to announce their own bots in the coming months it will be interesting to see which brand will be next to join the bot bandwagon. Could social ordering be the new retail revolution?

People Insights from Instagram and Facebook

Facebook IQ have released People Insights following research which focused on how people who use both Instagram and Facebook use each platform differently. The findings “showed that there’s a broader variety of reasons people visit Instagram.

On Instagram, people follow celebrities, get DIY inspiration and are visually transported to new places, while on Facebook, the primary appeal is connecting with family and friends.”

The lead Facebook IQ researcher on the project highlighted how people differentiate how they use Facebook and Instagram differently, even for the same event and that “based on these findings, marketers might experiment with sharing reactions and opinions on Facebook and behind-the-scenes content on Instagram.”

Whilst not all of the results were unexpected or surprising they could help social media marketers better understand how to use each platform successfully and how to incorporate both into their social media and digital marketing strategy.

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